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Smartphone Reviews, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro 2022

Xiaomi kicked off the country's market with its new Mi Note 10 Pro smartphone. Before discussing more about the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro, maybe readers already know that this smartphone brings advantages, one of which is from the photography sector with its 108 MP camera. That's not wrong, but in fact in addition to bringing the advantages of the moment viewfinder tool, there are still a number of interesting things embedded in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro for its users. Arbitrary? Come on, check out the following review.


Smartphone Reviews, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro 2022

As mentioned above, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro does not just want to appear with a qualified camera feature. About the body concoction, this smartphone is also worth thumbs up. First, Xiaomi Note 10 Pro has adopted a flagship design with a 'edge display' concept screen. This makes the smartphone look elegant and comfortable to grip.

While the back of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro is covered with a polycarbonate panel that has received a sweep of metallic color making it look kinclong as well as a little slippery. Overall the mi Note 10 Pro body is mixed with glass material in the front area and aluminum frame and polycarbonate rear panel. Interestingly, both the front and back areas of the smartphone, both have been coated with Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro screen stretches with a diagonal of 6.47 inches and has small bangs like water droplets as where the front camera sensor is located. With a spacious screen treat, this smartphone is mixed with dimensions of 157.8 x 74.2 x 9.7 mm and has a weight of 208 grams. A number of components are also visible in the outer area of the smartphone, such as the power button and volume button, USB Type-C port, IR blaster on the upper side, and 3.5 mm audio port located on the lower side.

Oh yes, it has come with a slick design, in the sales package Mi Note 10 Pro is also equipped with an additional casing. This case is not only useful for bumpers to withstand shocks, with the additional case of the smartphone becomes more compact and not slippery, although on the other hand also makes the body of the smartphone feel bigger.


Smartphone Reviews, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro 2022

No less, for the display business Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro has adopted AMOLED screen technology that has a number of advantages, one of which is from its high contrast level.

In addition, the smartphone screen has also adopted the standard color spectrum DCI-P3, which is ready to present a better viewing experience. The positive thing is, the AMOLED panel carried by the Mi Note 10 Pro also supports HDR10.

Meanwhile, when referring to its size, this smartphone is also quite adequate because it has displayed a 6.47-inch display with full HD + resolution (1080 x 2340 pixels) which stretches with a ratio of 19.5: 9. So, in terms of sharpness, the Mi Note 10 Pro screen is unquestionable.

To provide comfort and protection for its users, the Mi Note 10 Pro screen has also been coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

Switching to the software side, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro comes carrying Android Pie with MIUI 11 on it. As is known, MIUI is an interface made by Xiaomi that is made in such a way as to make smartphone interactions simpler and easier with additional features also embedded in it.


Smartphone Reviews, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro 2022

Now it's time to discuss one of the flagship features in Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro. As if not wanting to lose 'set' with other brands, Xiaomi equips this new smartphone with the feature of 5 rear cameras with its main sensor resolution which is at 108 MP (f / 1.69).

That's the new main sensor, the four other sensors that accompany it are also no less slick. For example at the very top there is a telephoto camera with a resolution of 5 MP (f / 2.0) that has 5x optical zoom capability. In addition, there is also a 12 MP (f / 2.0) sensor that serves as a portrait camera that presents dual-pixel autofocus features and has 2x optical zoom capabilities.

The third lens, none other than the main sensor mi Note 10 Pro that offers resolution up to 108 MP with OIS 4 Axis that promises sharp image quality and does not shake when snapped. Next there is an ultra-wide angle with a resolution of 20 MP with an aperture of f / 2.2. In accordance with its function, this lens allows us to take pictures with a viewing angle of up to 117 degrees. In addition to the four sensors, the Mi Note 10 Pro also has one other sensor, namely a 2MP lens that serves to take macro photos.

Armed with the specifications of the rear camera as already mentioned, the results of the Mi Note 10 Pro aim are very capable to produce good quality photos. With the main viewfinder with a resolution of 108 MP, the shots look very sharp, even when we have done the magnification. While with four additional sensors, we are also made free to explore the camera to get the image as desired.

Not to forget, for selfies, Mi Note 10 Pro has also been equipped with a camera feature with a very high resolution, which is 32 MP (f / 2.0). As a result, for those who like selfies, it looks like the front camera carried by the Mi Note 10 Pro has answered the need for it.


Smartphone Reviews, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro 2022

When judging from the selling price of Rp6 million, many expect the Mi Note 10 Pro to come carrying a flagship-class chipset from Qualcomm. Unfortunately, that's not the case, because Xiaomi prefers to use Snapdragon 730G for mi Note 10 Pro.

Nevertheless, the selection of Snapdragon 730G does not seem to be without intent. Maybe, Xiaomi wants to highlight the Mi Note 10 Pro from the camera side, then from the price side it also seems like the company does not want to be too much money. So, the selection of Snapragon 730G is still quite reasonable. After all, the chipset used also has a number of advantages and qualified performance. While the enhanced Adreno 618 GPU is ready to provide graphics rendering up to 25% faster.

In addition to the processor, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro is also equipped with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. With extra large internal memory, at least make the user more free, where there is no need to worry about the capacity will quickly run out.

Interestingly, the Snapdragon 730G chipset carried by The Mi Note 10 Pro also has snapdragon elite gaming features. With this feature users can comfortably play games with Wi-Fi Latency Manager and Jank Reducer features that will continue to support their best gaming capabilities.

Not to forget, mi Note 10 Pro is also equipped with an extra large battery, which is 5260 mAh which interestingly has also been equipped with a 30W fast charging feature that allows baatera to be fully charged 100% with a time of 65 minutes.


It's not hard to say that the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro has enough provisions to compete in its price segment.  The assumption of this smartphone only relies on the 108 MP camera feature also seems quite early, considering various other advantages are also owned by the Mi Note 10 Pro. Starting from a fairly elegant body mix, a screen that has AMOLED, a large battery, and a number of other supporting features, such as NFC and IR Blaster (remote control). No less interesting, mi Note 10 Pro has also adopted an on-screen fingerprint sensor, a feature that can currently only be felt in smartphones with AMOLED screens.

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