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Smartphone Reviews, Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus 2022

Of all the advantages that Gizmo friends can choose in a smartphone, ranging from a good camera, OLED screen, long-lasting battery to thin design, never thought to look for a smartphone that has "Japanese quality"? Same, I don't. But if anything, it could be sharp lyrics AQUOS Sense 4 Plus.

No, I'm not kidding, on the product page of its own official website, Sharp Indonesia actually writes "Japan Quality" as the main advantage of Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus. In an era where all electronics are assembled or manufactured from various countries with good quality, maybe the status is less relevant.

Except for the senior generation, it is true that as far as I know if you choose electronics such as tube TVs in the past prefer releases from Japanese brands. Either way, I appreciate the presence of the Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus which, price and specifications on paper, is quite promising. Will it have a positive value? Of course not.

And sure enough, there are some things that make it a bit difficult for me to recommend a smartphone priced at Rp4 million this one. Indeed, it is only officially present in Indonesia, but in its home country it has actually been a long time. So it can't be a reason for its poor quality. What's the lack of? Here's a full review of Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus.


Smartphone Reviews, Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus 2022

Because I tend to like the design of a more fiddling smartphone, of course the sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus look good in my eyes, although maybe for some people it looks stiff yes. The angle is sharp, the rear camera design is unique—in the middle and box, complete with a fingerprint sensor underneath.

Not too thick at 8.8mm, and the weight reaches 196 grams. The color variant available is only Deep Fog Black, but actually this smartphone will show two colors with transitions in the middle, like the previous Samsung Galaxy M30. Both the body and frame are made of plastic, quite easily dirty but do not feel cheap thanks to the hefty weight.

The design of the speaker hole underneath is somewhat different, has a fairly large hole even though it actually has IP68 certification. Yes, one of the main advantages of Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus is its resistance to water and dust which is above the average middle-class smartphone. Every time it is turned on, there will be a reminder to close the SIM card tray tightly.

Which is a little annoying, the hybrid SIM slot works like the old Sony Xperia. That is, every time the slot is opened or removed, the smartphone will restart. Similarly, when installed, so if it can be in one time just the installation process before having to restart twice.


Smartphone Reviews, Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus 2022

The dimensions of Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus as a whole are quite large. The reason, the dimensions of the front screen reach 6.7 inches, with a slightly thick bezel plus two punch-hole cameras whose dimensions are quite large. This screen has a full HD+ resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, 120Hz touch sampling rate plus Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

Sharp calls the panel with IGZO LCD, which is actually similar to ips panels in general. The screen is bright, quite sharp and colorful—unfortunately, the vibrant or vibrant colors displayed tend to be lacking in terms of accuracy. Of the four screen tone modes presented, I only recommend natural options only.

Paler, indeed, but rather than having edited a nice photo and then when uploaded on social media, viewed from another smartphone, the color will change again. There's no double-tap to wake option yet, but there's a notification LED near the earpiece to find out if there's an incoming notification.


Smartphone Reviews, Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus 2022

Sharp simply favors the setup of its four rear cameras equipped with AI. The main sensor is 48MP resolution with diaphragm f / 1.8, not the highest resolution in its class indeed. Also the ultra-wide sensor is still 5MP when others are already 8MP. Plus two 1.9MP sensors for taking close-up photos and depth sensors.

Although the interface is a bit stiff, the sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus camera feature is actually quite complete. There is a scenario mode to choose from, up to a professional mode with a maximum shutter speed of 4 seconds. The AI on the camera can translate the scenery quite accurately.

Without a special night mode, the camera will take some automatic photos when the lighting is less. The pause in taking photos is quite instant, the quality is also... not parallel to other Rp4 million smartphones. The details are still lost, including with the reproduction of the color. Especially if you use an ultra-wide sensor — in some conditions, the photos look like cartoons with less color accuracy.

Similarly, the 8MP front camera is assisted by a depth sensor of 1.9MP. The quality is relatively smooth, even the bokeh results are not better than competitors who only use software.
Both the front and rear cameras can record video up to 4K resolution. And even in the highest resolutions, the EIS can still be active. It is quite helpful for video stabilization even in low-light conditions. Instead of refining the video, Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus chose to display a lot of noise in dark conditions.


Not much customization in appearance, Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus runs Android 10 which resembles stock Android. At first I thought the experience would be similar to pixel or Nokia, but from day to day, there are small things disturbing from the interface of this one.

First, the appearance of the drawer app or its menu cannot be specially customized. Stock Android can't either? That's right, but on this smartphone, the application is not sorted alphabetically. Not only that, to move the application to the home screen requires a total of two stages; shifted up, then just set back after it's on the front page.

The option of taking a screenshot in its entirety was also not found, there was only a way to do instant cropping. While other features are standard, such as Gaming Mode that can minimize notifications while playing. Oh yes, Sharp provides stereo speaker setup on AQUOS Sense 4 Plus. Loud, but the quality is still below the Poco X3 NFC and realme 7 Pro.

Sharp AQUS Sense 4 Plus also has a unique screen mode, called Veil View. When this option is turned on, the entire screen will display a colorful cross pattern. That way, people around will have difficulty seeing the content of this large screen smartphone. There is also a special mode that can adjust the contrast when used in sunlight, to make it look clearer.


Chipsets used are relatively commonly used in mid-range smartphones today, namely Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G. The chip is paired with 8GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 128GB of internal storage. It can be added a microSD card up to 1TB capacity, but will take a secondary SIM slot.

For everyday use, it is relatively smooth without constraints. Good speed of opening applications to multitasking smoothly. Maybe thanks to the help of an operating system that is not neko-neko, plus a high refresh rate that makes the transition effect run smoothly.

If you want to use this smartphone to play games, it seems like it will be less suitable. PUBG Mobile is still very okay, but for Genshin Impact will be a lot of natural frame drop even with low graphics settings though.


Although the capacity is not too large, sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus's 4,120 mAh battery is arguably enough for intensive use in one day of use. If not intense, it can last up to almost two days with screen-on time reaching 4 hours.

Charging that takes a while. With USB Power Delivery support, 30 minutes of charging adds 33%. Furthermore, it reached 63% in the first hour, 96% in the second hour and full in approximately 2.5 hours.


Smartphone Reviews, Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus 2022

At the beginning I mentioned if in specifications, this smartphone looks promising. But in fact, after about a week of use, Sharp still seems to struggle to play in more affordable classes. Perhaps the maximum quality of a Japanese smartphone owned by Sharp is only proven in the tens of millions?

To be sure, for all that is offered, Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus still can not compete with competitors who are already on the market today. Unless you're looking for a smartphone with IP68 certification, or an anti-mainstream brand with "Japanese quality", then please just buy this one.

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