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Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galaxy M02

Want to have the latest Samsung Android smartphone, the cheapest, but have a screen and battery? The rest optional? So Gizmo friends now have an interesting choice, with the presence of Samsung Galaxy M02. Again present as the 10th cheap smartphone from a South Korean manufacturer this one.

More and more choices for consumers today, which can actually be 'translated' into two meanings. The first, makes consumers confused because the type is now more and more. Second, Samsung can target consumers more precisely. Because the price difference is even thin, there is an option.

Having a minor difference from the Galaxy A02, who is the target consumer targeted by Samsung through the cheapest M series line? And what about compared to competitors in the same price range? Here's my review of the Samsung Galaxy M02.


Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galaxy M02

Although it comes with a very affordable price, it is not a limit for consumers to be able to get an attractive and comfortable smartphone in the hand. Carrying the exact same design as the Galaxy A02, the Samsung Galaxy M02 is relatively stylish in its class, complete with additional texture on the rear body.

In addition to different color options (blue & red), the shade or white spots on the back body of the Samsung Galaxy M02 are much less. Even so, it still looks attractive especially the bright color options. Indeed, the dimensions are relatively large with a weight of more than 200 grams.

The rest is ordinary, with the bulge of the rear camera module, without the presence of a fingerprint sensor, complementary accessories such as soft cases or antigores coating.


Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galaxy M02

Using a 6.5-inch IPS PLS screen, the Samsung Galaxy M02 is classified as being able to provide good quality content display in its class. Saturation is quite good aka not too pale, although brightness can still be better. The bezel is also slightly thick, especially on the bottom.

It has HD+ resolution, there's not much to complain about, considering its low price. A little complaint I feel, the ability of the auto brightness feature does not work properly - often the lighting is still too dim than it should be. I hope that's all software.

With such a large screen, unfortunately users have not been able to use it for multitasking, or run two applications simultaneously on a split-screen basis. And when displaying a certain color, the bleed screen looks thin at the bottom of the screen. Still at a reasonable level, anyway.


Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galaxy M02

When its competitors mostly come with one main camera, Samsung is able to provide extra value through the setup of two rear cameras. The main sensor is 13MP f/1.9, plus a 2MP f/2.4 sensor for close-range (macro) photos. Just like the A02, it is not equipped with night mode until portrait mode uses digital sports.

In terms of quality, it is still acceptable, again considering the price yes. Dynamic range is relatively narrow, some photos look very smooth, and the 5MP f / 2.0 camera is also standard only. Unlike the Redmi 9A which can produce portrait photos from the rear camera to professional mode, for example.

Hoping to produce high-quality photos? It would be wrong. But if you just capture the moment to be shared to WhatsApp groups and social media, it is still quite okay. Video recording is also certainly not equipped with EIS, maximum resolution of 1080p 30fps. The full photo of the Samsung Galaxy M02 can be accessed on the following Google Photos album.


It prefers ease of use over feature-rich. Even features like changing the virtual button option at the bottom of the screen to full touch gestures are eliminated on the One UI 2.0 Core on the Samsung Galaxy M02. The first time I saw a smartphone that is as polluted as this feature.

It's not a big deal either, anyway. The laying of the back button and multitasking can also still be redeemed. What is fun is that it looks simple, even suitable and will be comfortable for parents to use. With huge icons and not much bloatware, it's easy for them to learn.


Running mediatek MT6739W chipset with 28nm fabrication, this smartphone is also suitable for children's school needs. Because, with poor GPU performance, games like PUBG Mobile can not be enjoyed from this smartphone. Especially with its RAM capacity that is fast at 2GB.

That is, more applications require a reload process from the start. For other purposes such as Zoom, it's okay. As an entertainment device is also suitable, through 32GB of internal storage. Still lacking? Can be added microSD card up to 1TB capacity.


With a 'limited' processor and basic screen specifications, automatic also helps the battery power consumption of the Samsung Galaxy M02. Initially, I would have thought the 5,000 mAh battery was just enough, considering the chipset still uses 28nm fabrication.

But this smartphone is indeed able to carry the identity of the Samsung Galaxy M series. The use of standard alias not intensive (well, want to be intensive how, open a lot of applications are not comfortable) is very easy up to two days of use. Of course, the charging process will be long because it still uses micro USB, and without fast charging.


Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galaxy M02

Through the Samsung Galaxy M02, Samsung wants to show that they can now present a smartphone that is quite competitive in its class. If maybe in the last year can present similar devices at a price of Rp1.5 million and above, now it can be suppressed to Rp1.3 million only.

Although indeed, some of its competitors are able to provide superior features. Even so, Samsung is still superior in some points, such as the existence of additional camera sensors, a simple One UI display without a lot of ads, and microSD card support up to 1TB capacity.

With a price difference of approximately Rp150 thousand, only requires a large screen smartphone and a large battery, Samsung Galaxy M02 can be the best choice. Have extra funds and want to perform (a little) better? Galaxy A02 can be obtained more easily in more offline stores.

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