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Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galaxy A71 2022

Samsung can be said to directly plug the gas in the country. Because this South Korean manufacturer with "pede" presents not only one but two hp at once, to heat up the competition of mobile phones, namely samsung Galaxy A51 and A71. The introduction of the two phones was also quite splashy, because Samsung was willing to bring the girl band Black Pink which was nota bene brand ambassador Galaxy A51 and A71.

Although reportedly had an incident, but in general gave a different feel in the launch of the Galaxy A51 and A71. Because at the table at this time has the arrival of Samsung Galaxy A71 which is ready to be diulik further. The Samsung Galaxy A71 is an advanced version of the Galaxy A70 series.

As an advanced generation, it is fitting that the Galaxy A71 comes with a variety of features that are much more updated than its older brother (A70). So, as awesome as whether the Samsung Galaxy a71, here's the review.


Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galaxy A71 2022

The design of the Samsung Galaxy A71 is not much different from the previous generation Galaxy A series. The body looks glossy with polycarbonate plastic with a diamond motif. There are three color variants that can be selected according to taste, namely Prism Crush Black, Silver and Blue. Glossy look does make the Galaxy A71 look glamorous and contemporary, but on the other hand the body of this phone so easily looks dirty by fingerprints.

Apart from its easy dirty appearance, lucky to design this hp is still fairly proforsional so it is still comfortable to grip. Well, one thing that feels when it carries the Samsung Galaxy A71, is the body is fairly thinner than the previous generation A Series. Yup, from the data obtained the body of the Galaxy A71 only has a thickness of 7.9 mm.


Samsung Galaxy A71 has a 6.7-inch Infinity-O screen, edge-to-edge that has been embedded Super AMOLED Plus technology. Besides being able to produce sharp colors, Super AMOLED Plus screen technology is one of the keys that make the Galaxi A71 body more slim and lighter. Speaking of quality, during the test screen with full HD + resolution that is embedded in the Galaxy A71, can provide a pleasant entertainment experience. This screen supports user activities, ranging from playing online games, watching favorite live streaming, to multi-tasking. For the matter of the screen, in general very satisfying.


Before reviewing the composition of the camera on this hape, Samsung presents something iconic on the Galaxy A71 imaging menu. Yup, Samsung arranges a row of main lenses embedded in the rear body of the A71 like the "L" hurup. Related to its composition, the Galaxy A71 also presents a Quad Camera consisting of a 64MP main camera with f / 1.8, Ultra Wide 12MP which has a 123o lens angle, a Depth lens with Live Focus feature, and for the first time a Macro lens with a resolution of 5MP. For selfi purposes, there is a 32MP lens with an aperture of F2.2.

The A71's camera configuration is promising, but what about the quality? During the testing process, the Galaxy A71 camera was able to produce photos that did not disappoint, both under less conditions and normal light. In addition, the complete supporting features, making the activity of capturing various moments using the A71 camera become more colorful. Well when creating video content, the Super Steady feature is also available on the Galaxy A71, so it helps take moments on moving situations can be captured perfectly.

Game Features

Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galaxy A71 2022

Not only the standard menu and current features such as NFC technology, the Galaxy A71 also has other weapons that can make consumers, especially gamers fall in love. The Galaxy A71 is already armed with an AI Gaming Booster. The AI Gaming Booster feature can adjust the performance of the game being played. Either on battery power savings, gaming performance performance, or balance between the two so that it can be adjusted to your needs.

Furthermore, the phone has also been integrated with Discord. This feature allows users to connect with fellow gamers while playing certain games. Discord also provides convenience through voice chat to interact without disturbing the process of playing games. A series of these technologies, making Samsung talk themselves to put the Galaxy A71 as one of the official hape in the Esports Presidents Cup.

Samsung Galaxy A71 is said to have gone through the performance test process from Garena. In terms of experience, the Galaxy A71 is tested to provide an excellent in-game experience due to the larger screen. Making it possible for the player to raise several buttons on the HUD such as jump, fire, or move.

Runway kitchen

The composition of the kitchen runway Samsung Galaxy A71, can not be underestimated. The presence of Snapdragon 730G chipset, becomes one of the main keys that make Samsung confident the performance of the A71 does not disappoint. Snapdragon 730G itself, has a higher graphics improvement advantage up to 15% than its predecessor. In addition, this processor is also designed to optimize WiFi signals when used for various live activities, one of which is playing online games that certainly affect more power-efficient usage.

When tested Samsung's claims are not mere boasts. The combination of octa core processor, Snapdragon 730G chipset, 8GB RAM support makes this hape "gajor" run a variety of activities, including when playing various online games, one of which is Garena Free Fire game. The existence of AI Gaming Booster technology, provides a richer experience and makes it easier for gamers to win challenges in a game.

Baterai and price

What about the battery life? The Samsung Galaxy A71 has a long-lasting battery life of 4,500 mAh with 25W Super-Fast Charging. Users do not need to worry about the power out amid the excitement of playing games or other activities. Speaking of price, as a phone that actually comes to aim for the upper middle class, the selling point of the Galaxy A71 cannot be considered cheap. To get the Galaxy A71 one, prepare funds Rp. 6,099,000.

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