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Smartphone Reviews, Realme narzo 30A 2022

After the release of a premium AIoT device, realme Indonesia has finally re-enlivened the world of smartphones with its latest products. This time, the first launch is an affordable gaming smartphone, the realme narzo 30A. Yes, a segment that feels like lately many more targets.

Because, playing games on smartphones is one of the entertainment that is easily accessible and much in demand by the public. Especially for young people, especially in pandemic times, so you can still entertain themselves even at home. Even so, other sectors in this smartphone are no less promising, really.

Want to target as the best value gaming smartphone at a price of Rp1 million, you could say realme narzo 30A can achieve it. Although, indeed, the name of the entry class product, of course there must be some simplified parts. So what is the overall quality? Here's the full impression.

Realme narzo 30A performance

Smartphone Reviews, Realme narzo 30A 2022

In this section, realme narzo 30A shows its superiority to "power up the game". In chipset, MediaTek Helio G85 is quite powerful, especially in the price segment of one million.

Octa-core CPU architecture, 12nm fabrication, combined with 4GB of RAM and ample internal storage at 64GB—it can still be added to a microSD card via the triple-slot SIM tray system.

And indeed the performance is very awake. Pause open and switch applications relatively fast (again for the size of a smartphone one million), even when playing games. Pubg Mobile's default setting shows HD – High, but when I changed to Balanced – Ultra is also still very smooth. The temperature is maintained, not until the heat appears disturbing.


With a capacity of 6,000 mAh, realme narzo 30A is perfect for Gizmo friends who want a fast smartphone, but also do not need to be charged every day. With my a-la usage, in one day only consumes approximately 40% power, with a record on-time screen of 3 - 3.5 hours per day.

In other words, it's easy to achieve two days of lifespan. If used to play the game anyway of course can not, but I am sure at least can last all day, which will be a luxury in itself. In addition to using a USB C port, realme also includes an 18W (9V/2A) charger in the sales box.

Charging the battery to full takes about 3 hours more. If you want to be more durable, you can take advantage of features such as screen battery optimization that can reduce visual effects in certain applications, and sleep standby optimization to prevent wasteful power in sleep hours.


Since the middle of last year, I appreciated realme's decision to experiment more with the design of its entry-class smartphones, starting from the realme C11 which I think is quite prestigious to be branded when held in the hand. The same impression, I feel when using realme narzo 30A.

Maybe it will sound a little subjective because I happen to like the color blue, and the blue laser variant that I hold is quite spoiling the eyes. The color is fresh, bright, but at the same time not too concentrated. Not only there, the back body has a unique pattern.

Use a matte surface, one-third of the top is made plain plain plain. While under the fingerprint sensor and narzo logo, realme provides an attractive diagonal line pattern. The lines are different from previous series, and sometimes look as if they are wavy. Suitable for those of you who want to be more expressive.

If you do not like, you can choose the Black Laser color option which will certainly be calmer. It weighs 207 grams with a thickness of 9.8mm, which may feel a little too big because it has to support the dimensions of a large battery as well. On the other hand, the body or build quality feels quite solid for the material used.

Looking at the price side offered, build quality realme narzo 30A is not cans. Each material feels sturdy and the connection between the rear body and the front of the screen feels smooth. The edge of the camera module stands out a little, but it can still be said to be smooth and comfortable to grip.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme narzo 30A 2022

If you are familiar with the realme C series, it will feel right when you see the realme narzo 30A screen. The dimensions are 6.5 inches, use a fullscreen mini-drop design and HD + resolution. In terms of specifications, it may not be the best, but the color reproduction is quite okay in its class.

Behind the antigores layer that has been installed, realme provides Gorilla Glass 3 protection, providing a sense of security without even antigores. There's no problem with the responsiveness of the screen, and it's still easily visible in the sun.

The size of the four bezels is also still acceptable alias not thick really thick. About the resolution that is still HD +, maybe the reason for the sake of smooth performance when playing games and battery usage, yes. Although actually I hope it is full HD + like a competitor of its class.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme narzo 30A 2022

Perhaps many were fooled when they first saw the design of the realme narzo 30A rear camera. With a box module similar to the realme C11, actually the camera sensor of this entry-class gaming smartphone is only two. The other two are a flash and a logo that reads "AI Camera".

Yes, realme narzo 30A has a simple camera setup, 13MP AI Dual Camera. The secondary sensor is a black and white portrait type, helping to give the results of portrait photos more natural. Although the camera setup is simple, the features provided are quite complete. From expert mode to Nightscape with Cyberpunk night filters, Flamingo and Modern Gold were first introduced in the realme 7 series.

So what about the photos? Just sharing on social media is enough. What exceeded my expectations was its HDR capability which is quite powerful to balance the photo as a whole, can be seen in the sample photo below. The full photo can be accessed in the following Google Photos album.

While the characteristics of the photo are able to show relatively accurate color (or slightly warm). When taking indoor photos or enough light, the photo will look significantly paler. Want to stay colorful? You can, by utilizing the Nightscape mode that will take photos in a duration of three seconds.

The front camera itself has a resolution of 8MP f / 2.0 which has a fairly okay quality in detail. It's just that the tone of the color is a little miss even without the beauty effect though — in some lighting conditions, the lips look more red / colored than they should be.

It is only limited to that, aka not found ultra wide-angle or macro cameras in realme narzo 30A. The ability to record video is standard, with a maximum resolution of 1080p at 30fps and without the help of EIS. So it requires a stable hand so that the video does not vibrate.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme narzo 30A 2022

Based on Android 10, realme said that the realme UI update will be coming soon in the future. At least, in the current version the feature is no less complete. Of course, so a gaming smartphone, brought game space features that can optimize performance and adjust notifications.

When playing the game, notifications will appear like thin running text in the middle of the screen so as not to interfere, while still being able to see who the sender and its contents. For speakers, it is still mono, but the laying and quality is classified as very good in its class. Not as good as almost the maximum volume.

The screen recorder option is complete, can record sound from the system, not just through the microphone. Users can also take screenshots using only three fingers, sliding them from top to bottom.


In accordance with what is targeted, realme successfully presents a gaming smartphone of one million that has the best-in-class blend of performance and battery life. Appear with a fresher design, which will certainly attract the attention of young people.

realme narzo 30A can be the best choice for Gizmo friends who are looking for the best entry-level gaming smartphone. But if you want to focus more on the needs of the camera, it seems that it would be better to choose narzo 20 with a complete camera setup. Although the price is more expensive, it reaches more than Rp2 million.

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