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Smartphone Reviews, Itel Vision 2 2022

Have you ever heard of a smartphone with this brand? yes, itel. Although it sounds a little strange (especially for those who are used to communicating with Javanese), the product is itel Vision 2 comes with competitive specifications & affordable prices.

The latest release, itel Vision 2 becomes the most premium offer - well even though the price is still cheap, not up to Rp1.5 million. Because some previous series are more affordable, even only Rp999 thousand. Confirming itel's commitment that it wants to be serious in the entry-class smartphone segment. It is suitable for consumers in the country.

Although still new in Indonesia, itel is actually more than 10 years old, and is available in about 50 different countries. It is incorporated in the parent company of Transsion Holdings which houses Infinix and TECNO Mobile. So do not be surprised if the vibe or impression offered is more or less the same.

Slightly exceeding my expectations, there is quite a lot that itel can offer for a cheap smartphone through itel Vision 2. What is the impression of its use? Here's the full review.


Smartphone Reviews, Itel Vision 2 2022

Similar to another entry-class smartphone? yes, that's right. From the beginning of using it, I immediately remembered the TECNO Spark 6 Go and other entry class series from Infinix. But there are some points of vision 2 design that I appreciate.

First, finish the rear body which, although plastic, uses a doff or matte surface. That way, fingerprint marks are not easily seen alias not easily dirty, plus not slippery. I also noticed a fluorescent line effect that focused on the camera module.

With a thickness of 8.3mm, it is quite easy to put in a bag, although the dimensions are quite large and weighty. The rear camera module is made flat, accompanied by an itel logo and a fingerprint sensor — a feature that is still relatively rare for smartphones for less than Rp1.5 million.

The arches on the left and right of the rear body also add comfort when grasped. For completeness, consumers are given a frosted hardcase on their sales package. Protect almost all sides of the body except the bottom.


Smartphone Reviews, Itel Vision 2 2022

Now a million smartphones no longer have small screen dimensions or old-school displays. Itel Vision 2 is a good example, has a 6.6-inch dot-notch screen dimensions. Yes, not waterdrop, but already use a punch-hole design, although the camera bezel is classified as thicker.

The resolution is HD+, no frills high color accuracy or others. But in terms of quality, it's okay. The light on the screen is quite a draw without the dominant screen bleeding, also including its wide viewing angle. So it is suitable for those of you who are looking for affordable smartphones to watch television series from favorite streaming platforms.

I also do not find issues related to touch response which is also quite commonly found on affordable Android, aka okay to type quickly or play casual games. Interestingly, there is an option to increase contrast to color temperature.


Smartphone Reviews, Itel Vision 2 2022

Looks like you have four main camera sensors? Make no mistake, because the truly functional ones are only two. Yes, just like two smartphone brands that are still brothers, itel Vision 2 has a sensor when called AI Lens.

The other two sensors are 13MP main sensors, plus 2MP macros for very close-range objects. The camera is very, very complete. Starting from AI Scene Detection, professional mode, special night mode, and of course portrait mode. Special last mode, also available on the front camera.

The existence of these modes can quite improve the photo results of the main sensor itel Vision 2. Not much indeed—night mode, for example, which is often like just raising the ISO. The HDR effect doesn't have a massive impact either. Back to the price segment, this is good enough.

Similarly, video recording is not equipped with EIS, so you have to use additional tools so that video footage looks more stable. The maximum resolution can reach full HD, and specifically the front camera, can be combined with the beauty effect.


Considering the chipset used is relatively simple, itel chooses to run Android Go edition to be more friendly with the old CPU plus lower memory capacity. The Android version itself is not the latest, aka still Android 10. But make no mistake, the features are carried very much.

It even exceeds some other brand UI that uses the standard version of Android. Theme? Exist. Gesture feature? Exist. Interestingly, there is a Social Turbo menu with various capabilities such as video beauty when making video calls, WhatsApp phone voice recording, can even make WhatsApp stickers directly.

The minus is a considerable amount of bloatware. And when you first use it, there will be a lot of notifications received every day. It can be eliminated anyway, by uninstalling or disabling notifications from each system application so as not to interfere.

Does the screen feel too big? itel provides a one handed mode option for itel Vision 2. Just press the shortcut in the notification bar, and the screen display dimensions will shrink slightly. All so affordable with thumb when grasping it one hand.


Itel Vision 2 runs the exact same chipset as the Nokia C3, the Unisoc SC9863a, an old-school chip despite the use of octa-core CPU architecture. In Nokia smartphones, the performance is quite annoying. But not on smartphones that actually feature more.

Perhaps thanks to the help of 3GB of RAM and its extensive internal storage at 64GB— it can still be expanded with a 128GB microSD card, so the chipset doesn't have to work too hard. Speeding? Of course not, but the speed of opening the close until moving the application is not to the point of upset. Equivalent to another Rp1.5 million smartphone.


Although the screen is quite large, the 4,000 mAh battery capacity prepared for itel Vision 2 can make it used for up to a full day. The on-time screen I reached was a range of 4 hours, with little battery left in the morning. Maybe because of the performance, so the use can not be too intensive.

Still uses a micro USB port, and certainly does not support fast charging. So that the charging process can reach approximately two hours.


Smartphone Reviews, Itel Vision 2 2022

Nutshell? Okay, too. The quality provided as a whole can indeed be evidence that itel has existed for more than 10 years. Not many affordable smartphones can provide complete features, by getting around the shortcomings so as not to be too dominant.

Not fast charging yet? Naturally, the competitors haven't. Using a Unisoc chipset? Same, others too. But with a large screen, the camera features a segambreng, plus a fairly kece design. The presence of itel Vision 2 will disrupt competitors to provide better offers.

At a very affordable price, itel Vision 2 is able to present interesting features such as a large screen, camera with the introduction of AI mode and an okay design.

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