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Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galayxy A03 Core 2021

 Cheap Festive, Samsung Galaxy A03 Core Priced at Rp1,2 Million

The end of the year utilized a number of smartphone manufacturers to release smartphones. With the price of Samsung Galaxy A03 Core only Rp1.2 million, it is clear this device is aiming for entry level class.

Galaxy A03 Core is the most affordable Samsung smartphone today that can meet the needs of people in the better normal era. This was confirmed by Irfan Rinaldi, Product Marketing Manager of Samsung Mobile, Samsung Electronics Indonesia who said at the end of 2021, Samsung presented something special for consumers through the Galaxy A03 Core which became the most affordable smartphone with wah features.

"The Galaxy A03 Core comes as a daily companion that allows users to perform any routine entering a hybrid lifestyle. This is of course thanks to the storage capacity that does not run out quickly, a wide display screen, large capacity batteries, and octa-core processor performance."
Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galayxy A03 Core 2021

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core Features

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core comes with 2/32GB of memory that can be upgraded to 1TB, a 6.5-inch HD+ resolution PLS Infinity-V Display display that is relieved to learn, play games, and enjoy TikTok content. A large capacity 5,000mAh battery capable of accompanying users all day, as well as a reliable Octa-Core Unisoc SC9863A processor to operate a variety of everyday essentials applications.

Comes with a choice of black and blue, the price of Samsung Galaxy A03 Core is Rp1,199,000. This phone can be purchased in and also offline store starting today December 15, 2021.

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core has external memory up to 1TB that is able to complement the availability of 2GB of RAM and 32GB internal memory in supporting various user needs.

For those who want to capture content in the form of photos and videos, there is an 8MP rear camera and a 5mp front camera
Large screens are one thing that today's smartphones need to have to accommodate the various needs of users in learning, working, and enjoying entertainment. In this case, the Galaxy A03 Core comes with a screen that is able to provide a more lively visual display experience in every user's needs.

Thanks to the 6.5-inch HD+ PLS Infinity-V Display, Gen Zs can comfortably study and study from home. In addition, with a screen ratio of 20:9, users can enjoy a pleasant visual display.
Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galayxy A03 Core 2021

Galaxy A03 Core is Samsung's smartphone with the most affordable 5,000mAh battery capacity. The price of Samsung Galaxy A03 Core which is only Rp1.2 million makes it a choice of devices that are very relevant to the big battery trends in the smartphone industry today. Plus, there is the Android 11 Go Edition operating system that brings efficiency in battery usage and also a more efficient internet quota.

With a large and long-lasting battery, users, especially Gen Z, can maximize the Galaxy A03 Core for every daily activity. Learning from home is easier without worrying about the battery running out quickly. In addition, enjoy a variety of entertainment, ranging from reading Wattpad, listening to music from Olivia Rodrigo to Nadin Amizah, playing Mobile Legend, to watching Korean series and anime on WeTV become more comfortable and fun without having to find plugs often.

To optimize the user experience, the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core is powered by an Octa-Core Unisoc SC9863A processor designed to maximize performance while remaining efficient. Users can feel optimal performance and efficiency in terms of battery consumption, internet quota usage and also a smoother visual display without worrying about lagging when playing games and other activities throughout the day. Combined with the compact and agile Android 11 Go Edition operating system, the Galaxy A03 Core gives the sensation of the cheapest samsung smartphone today.

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