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Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galaxy A03 2021

 Latest Specifications of Samsung Galaxy A03

Smartphone Reviews, Samsung Galaxy A03 2021

MAYBE you are no stranger to this Samsung Galaxy A03 smartphone. Let's find out some of the specifications, through reading the following article.

1.Edge Panels

Edge Panels is one of the function features on the Samsung Galaxy A03 that is useful for providing various shortcut keys into the side menu of the screen. You can use not just one or two app shortcuts, but up to 10 app shortcut keys


For the advantages of the first Samsung Galaxy A03 is to have a fairly simple yet elegant design. It has a plain rear cover with a polish without stripes, different from the previous generation, but for the design accent is almost similar to the previous generation (Galaxy A02s).

The second advantage is that the Samsung Galaxy A03 has its own distinctive look, it has an alternative panel that is PLS TFT where its function is pocket friendly. In addition, it has an attractive viewing angle equivalent to ips LCD.

The third advantage is the fingerprint scanner that is on the side, making it easier for users to reach it more. Because this position is the most comfortable position to access the fingerprint scanner sensor feature.

Because your thumb can still be seen whether it is right to point at the power button. The next advantage is that the Samsung Galaxy A03 has a USB C port, so it makes its existence more up to date, so you don't need to be afraid when the wrong charger on HP.


This device certainly has a brand that is quite interesting, although in other types also have their own brand. People are certainly interested in the features and advantages that exist, and can provide their own satisfaction.

Moreover, Samsung includes the galaxy a03 type whose name is quite well known by many people. There's no doubt about how good it is.


The machine on this device has quite extraordinary quality, consisting of several existing components. One of them is to have an emi filter support, as a supporting component of the display section.

5.SIM Card

Having a dual SIM Card that is Nano-SIM, and dual stand-by, for the way it is installed is quite easy and simple. There are 3 places available, namely for SIM 1, SIM 2, and memory card place.


I've had a lot of price. So now sold at a price range of Rp1.8 million. In addition, with this relatively affordable price, it provides quite attractive benefits in the form of discounts again and the provision of Bundling MAX packages in the form of a quota of 102 GB, specifically for the purchase of type a03.

7.Audio System

The audio system on this galaxy device has a separate application voice feature. There are many audio settings available on these devices, including Bluetooth devices.

To use the voice features of a separate application, you can use it in an easy way, which is to first set your device to play the sound on the media from a specific application such as on the speaker, after which select the vibration and select a separate application voice option.

Click the swipe button to enable the feature, then select the multimedia app you'll listen to on a different device. In this peragkat has an extraordinary clarity of sound, so it is more comfortable to use.

Some of the above explanations about the specifications of samsung Galaxy a30. Hopefully it will be one of your dream phones and can buy it soon.

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