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Smartphone Reviews, Redmi 9C 2021

We already hold the latest REDMI HP that is aiming for the bottom segment. Yes, now it's time to do a review of Redmi 9C which has just been introduced by Xiaomi. Quite interesting because the price and specifications can make the entry level class inflamed.

For hp hunters million, the presence of Xiaomi Redmi 9C could make them fall in love. Starting from specifications and prices to design designs.

Redmi 9C Full Review

Smartphone Reviews, Redmi 9C 2021

Some things that need to be highlighted include the existence of a runway kitchen that is enough for gaming in the entry level segment, large capacity batteries. And finally the triple camera configuration.

Before we start, we unload this 9C to peek at what the contents are. Xiaomi immersed one smartphone, warranty card and guidebook, 10W charger and micro-USB cable. There are no protective cases and plastic screen protectors.

Next let's review more deeply the various elements that are the advantages and disadvantages of redmi 9C. Let's just start.

Body Design

Smartphone Reviews, Redmi 9C 2021

Redmi 9C body material is made of polycarbonate which has quite good durability. Built quality is an entry-level smartphone standard. So, there is no denying the plastic 'feel' is still there, do not expect a special and premium design.

Xiaomi released this smartphone in three color options, gray, blue and orange. The finishing is quite good, sturdy and solid, the buttons are well attached with comfortable feedback when pressed.

The rear panel of the Xiaomi Redmi 9C review unit is decorated with a triple camera configuration along with an LED flash arranged in a box-shaped stand. In the middle area there is a circle-shaped fingerprint sensor module.

Power and volume buttons on the right side. In the opposite area, there is a slot for dual nano SIM card and one slot for microSD memory cards up to 512GB. It's not a hybrid.

At the top there is a 3.5mm audio port. Unfortunately, there is no infrared port that is commonly used as a remote replacement. At the bottom is an micro USB port, microphone hole and main speaker.


Smartphone Reviews, Redmi 9C 2021

The front of the Xiaomi Redmi 9C review unit is planted with an IPS LCD panel with a 6.53-inch screen span. The resolution is only the equivalent of HD + aka resolution of 1600×720 pixels. On his forehead was a waterdrop notch to place the selfie camera.

The display screen is bright, it can still fight sunlight in outdoor conditions even though it is not maximal. Redmi 9C has 70.8% NTSC and 1500: 1 contrast ratio. This front sector is supported by blue eye protection and reading mode features.


Mediatek Helio G35 chipset is the heart of this device. This SoC is specifically presented to encourage gaming performance at hp entry level. So, it is quite fast even though it is still alakadarnya when used to play heavy games.

The latest HP Redmi runway kitchen relies on eight cores with a maximum clockspeed of 2.3 GHz. For its graphics processor, Mediatek immerses the PowerVR8320 GPU which is in fact used for lower middle class chipsets.

Speaking of gaming, this HP unit can be boosted to devour mainstream games such as Mobile Legends or AoV. Heavy games such as PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile can still be gassed even though the setting cannot be optimally flat right.

The Redmi 9C review unit we tested put forward 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM. For normal daily needs, this smartphone is actually still relevant.

But if you have played in the realm of video, files or photos of large sizes it feels like the storage space will not be able to accommodate. The solution is to increase storage capacity via microSD slots.

The Device's AnTuTu score is still reasonable for entry-level HP size. The number is not much different from other smartphones that use similar chipsets. So, don't expect too much performance in the upper middle series.


Even though the smartphone with a cheap price is festive, but the Xiaomi Redmi 9C review unit has pocketed the Android 10 operating system. On it runs the MIUI Global 12.0.1 interface that has a simple but quite powerful look.

The operation is fast and there is not much delay or lag interferes. Apps can be opened quickly when tapped and when swiped transitions between menus smooth and fast. Not disappointing, even though the speed and acceleration is not too fast.

Another important feature that can be found in the Redmi hp is not planted with nfc modules. Unfortunately, because the global version has this facility. Then embedded Bluetooth 5.0, GPS and dual Wi-Fi network with ac. There is no infrared on this device.


Smartphone Reviews, Redmi 9C 2021

Redmi 9C's triple camera sensor review unit is one of the strengths in this latest Xiaomi device. The main camera module adopts a resolution of 13MP that can produce quality photos and videos in abundant light conditions.

Then the remaining two sensors each have a resolution of 2MP. Provides the ability to support different needs, namely macros and bokeh.

Smartphone Reviews, Redmi 9C 2021

Although the results of macro photos are mediocre, but for the entry level segment there are not many vendors who provide this capability. While the bokeh photos look good and satisfying. The separation between the subject and the background looks pretty perfect.

Make photos in low light conditions, the results of realme 9C shots are not too bad. The quality is not the best anyway, it is quite good if for just a makeshift snap.

If you like to record video, hp provides recording options with Full HD and HD resolution at 30fps There are also standard features such as timelapse, short video, tilt shift, and Pro.

In the front sector embedded 5MP camera, the results are just sober. It can still be used to record videos and photos with standard quality. For videos can be recorded HD and Full HD @30fps.

Smartphone Reviews, Redmi 9C 2021

Redmi 9C Battery Capacity

Those of you who are often outside the house or more outdoor activities, the Redmi 9C review unit that we discussed is likely to be suitable to be a companion. The battery capacity is 5000mAh.

Looking at the dimensions of the screen and the resolution of only 720p of course the power consumption will not be too significant. Unlike hp that uses Full HD resolution and jumbo screen.

More power efficient processor support and battery optimization make this HP can last longer when used. Redmi 9C can last all day in normal usage of various applications with reasonable internet use.

Unfortunately, there is another side to the battery that is less satisfying. About charging, this smartphone is only supported by a MicroUSB port and a 10W power adapter. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge from 0 to 100%.

Redmi 9C Price

The price of redmi 9C review unit is pegged in the range of a million. It really makes rivals nervous and provides a fresher option for the series in the million class.

Xiaomi Indonesia brings two variants of Redmi 9C to Indonesia, namely 3GB + 32GB memory and 4GB + 64GB. Each is priced at Rp1,399 million & Rp1,599 million.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Redmi 9C

The main advantage of this REDMI HP is that the triple camera is powerful enough to compete in its segment. Supported at an affordable price.

The advantages of Redmi 9C that are also worth highlighting is the capacity of the jumbo battery. Can satisfy those who need a durable smartphone when used all day.

But the shortcomings of Redmi 9C should not be ruled out. Among others, the outdated micro USB port and a slow 10W head charger when used charging.

Screens with HD + resolution may be for some people less satisfying to play games or watch videos. But overalls are still natural for cheap products.

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