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Smartphone Reviews, Realme C21 2021

  Realme is bringing their latest smartphone to Indonesia. One of them is the realme C21 which carries the slogan 'Three Cameras, Champion Quality'. Bring advantages as a smartphone with the most affordable endurance certification.

This time we already hold the C21 realme review unit. Just for the record, the C realme series is famous as a series that offers large affordable batteries that are famous for successfully luring smartphone users in their price range.

Well, the realme C21 itself is a C series with a large battery, three cameras and high quality armed with certification from TÜV Rheinland in the price range of one million.

Rheinland's TÜV quality certification is the first time there is an entry-level smartphone such as the realme C21. The vendor chose the TÜV Rheinland High Reliability certification because it wanted to set new quality standards in the entry level segment.

Not only that, accommodating the needs of realme users in the beginner class segment, the C21 realme review unit is also supported by cameras and batteries that can compete in its class.

Oh yes, this series launched in Indonesia along with the realme C25 which also got the same reliability certification.

Review realme C21

Start curious, right? Well, before further, we first dismantle this C21 realme sales package. Realme wraps its products in a yellow box like any other sibling. It's just that the design is more concise.

When disassembled, we will find a smartphone unit wrapped in plastic. Then some sheets of paper consisting of a guidebook and a warranty card. There is also a SIM ejector. Then there's the head charger and micro-USB cable.

Battery Capacity

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C21 2021

It's no secret that batteries play an important role in smartphones today. People who have high mobility with seabreg activity seem to be suitable to use realme C21.

The C21 realme review unit we tested had a 5000mAh battery. So, with jumbo capacity like this we can do outdoor activities all day without the hassle of bringing a charger.

In fact, this smartphone can be a power bank and help charge smartphones and other gadgets thanks to the OTG Reverse Charging feature. So in addition to durability, the battery power can even be transferred to other devices.

Based on tests at realme Lab, the realme C21 can last for 47 days in standby mode. Still about the battery, realme also presents Super Power Saving Mode.

In this mode, you can choose the 6 most widely used apps to stay active to extend the very long battery life.

When this mode is enabled, the smartphone will automatically execute a more aggressive power saving strategy. According to realme research into user behavior, most people only use these 6 apps in 70-80% of all time smartphone use.

So, we believe the super power saving mode greatly improves battery life but without sacrificing everyday use.

Furthermore, the realme C21 relies on a 10W charger as a means to charge the battery. Recharging the battery of the C21 realme review unit takes about 3 hours.

Body Design

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C21 2021

Regarding the design, the exterior of this smartphone is attractive considering the realme C21 goes into the entry level segment. In addition to having an eye catching look, vendors lifted the design sector on this smartphone to a higher level.

Realme and the quality testing team at TÜV Rheinland are working together to set new, improved quality standards for smartphones. TÜV Rheinland successfully sets high quality standards for consumer electronics as well as industry standards for key markets around the world.

According to TÜV Rheinland's new quality certification standards, most testing conditions are based on a smartphone life cycle of three years.

TÜV Rheinland conducted 23 tests covering 10 daily use scenarios including fall and abrasion tests due to use, then there were 7 extreme environmental scenarios such as super high and low temperatures, high and low humidity, voltage fluctuations and static electricity.

Lastly there are 6 component testing scenarios such as power and volume buttons and charger holes.

As a result, built quality affordable smartphones can be transformed in such a way as to be tough and premium. The C21 realme review unit also has a box-shaped camera module as well as a fingerprint sensor on the back.

It looks good to see with a geometric design inspired from the hourglass, comfortable to hold and minimal fingerprint marks. The textured back is processed using state-of-the-art technology from Germany with a precision- and infective five-axis engraving machine preventing scratches.

Oh yes, this series has a three-card slot (2 SIM + 1 microSD up to 256GB). It has a 3.5mm audio port in the bottom area and a microphone hole. Then the volume and power buttons are located in line on the right side.

The latest design is presented realme C21 by placing a speaker hole on the back of the body to produce a greater sound output. That said according to realme surveys, users of this beginner class smartphone need more large sound output.

Triple Camera

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C21 2021

realme C21 uses a main camera that adopts a 13MP image sensor with a large area. Supplied with a relatively large f/2.2 aperture to secure light and assist in low light conditions.

Not to forget, this camera is backed up with PDAF that is able to capture focus faster and precisely. Then there is also a 4x zoom feature also allows users to take clear photos remotely.

Complementing the main sensor, there are B&W and Retro lenses providing two special artistic effects for portraiture. Both lenses can reproduce portraits in black and white, providing high exposure and increasing contrast.

As a complement, the C21 realme review unit is also deliberately matching macro lenses with a super close shooting distance, 4cm. So that we can shoot macro photography in fairly good detail. It's good to explore the charm of the micro world.

Make selfie enthusiasts, on the front embedded 5MP selfie camera. It already supports AI beauty, HDR mode, portrait mode and Panoselfie features to help you take wider selfies.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C21 2021


This latest realme smartphone carries a 20:9 mini drop screen with a span of 6.5 inches. This field of view is convenient for playing games and watching videos. Moreover, the internal structure of the C21 realme screen adopts a new array process.

realme creatively pulls parts and components closer to each other so that the bangs area is reduced and presents a screen ratio of up to 89.5% which has fewer visual distractions especially when watching multimedia content.

This series uses an IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels or commonly called HD +. It is quite satisfying we can enjoy a fairly sharp display of screen images with optimal brightness levels.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme C21 2021

The C21 realme review unit is enhanced with the MediaTek Helio G35 chipset. Supported by octa core so that the performance is quite capable even though it is present for the entry level segment.

For the curious, the Mediatek Helio G35 is an eight-core processor with a 12nm fabrication capable of achieving a clock speed of 2.3 GHz, and adopts the Cortex A53 structure.

This processor is ideal for general users and gamers as it can handle most of the commonly used medium and heavy applications.

Comfortable to use playing Mobile Legends games can still set flat high or high graphics. For PUBG Mobile the graphics settings are enough in the medium only. The gameplay is still satisfying, there is no significant lag.

Realme C21 will be available with 3GB +32GB and 4GB+64GB variants powered by LPDDR4X RAM. Compared to LPDDR3, graphics performance increased by 20% and RAM performance increased by 100%.

OS & Interface

realme UI, based on Android 10, is already better built close to the pure Android interface. realme designed the UI keeping in mind the preferences and aesthetics of young consumers. The interface is smooth and efficient when used.

There are various features such as Dual Mode for sharing music, can connect a pair of wireless earbuds and wired earphones simultaneously. There is a Focus Mode that can help you concentrate and relax, without being distracted from your phone.

Simply use 3 fingers, press and hold on your screen and then swipe to retrieve the selected part of the screen. No more cutting. Taking a partial screenshot is done with just one step.

By enabling "Personal Information Protection" in the realme UI, the system will provide a blank information page when the application requests to access the user's personal information such as call, contact and message history.

Lastly there is a built-in Dark Mode integrated neatly in the realme UI. This mode is optimized to work in more third-party applications.

Although it is an entry level product but realme C21 supports ultra-fast fingerprint sensor. It also supports facial recognition to make it easier to unlock with a single click or one facial glance.

Realme C21 price

Realme new output is proof that the vendor is really serious about improving the product. With a memory option of 3GB + 32GB can be purchased at a price of Rp,000

As for the memory option 4GB + 64GB can be purchased at a price of Rp,000.

And previously decided to buy you should know the advantages and disadvantages of C21 realme. The most notable advantage is the design with High Reliability Certification from TÜV Rheinland at an affordable price.

Other advantages of this latest realme smartphone are the supply of large-capacity batteries, fairly good processor performance, fingerprint sensor and triple camera with promising facilities.

Other sectors are relatively standard. The shortcomings are not too obvious there are only minuses that are not too significant such as HD + resolution, a selfie camera that is only 5MP. Well how? Interested in bringing him home?

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