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Smartphone Reviews, Realme C17 2021

realme strengthens the foundation of the C-series product line by adding a new family of C17. And for those who are curious, at the editorial table there is already a C17 realme review unit that we will thoroughly peel the specifications, prices, advantages and disadvantages.

Before discussing further, it is worth knowing if the realme C17 is claimed to be one of the best smartphones priced at 2 million with 6GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory. The breakthrough is also presented with the support of 90Hz screen refresh rate in the same price range.

In addition, the realme C17 comes with a large 5000mAh battery with 18W Quick Charge fast charging. No wonder, for introduction to the market, the vendor waved the slogan 'Rock Memory, Super Screen'. Well, it's getting excited, isn't it? Let's check out the reviews.

Review realme C17

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C17 2021

The first obligation before starting the review, we unboxing this C17 realme unit. Make the box, realme still consistently wraps its products in simple and plain yellow packaging. When dismantled, there is 1 unit of C17 realme wrapped in plastic.

Then there is the sheet of paper consisting of a guidebook and a warranty card. Inside the C17 realme sales box, we found an 18W Quick Charge adapter, USB type-C cable, Silicon Case, Screen protection layer that is installed and tucked sim ejector to open the tray with 3 card slots, 2 Nano SIM and MicroSD. There's no headset in the sales package.

Body Design

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C17 2021

The first impression when holding the C17 realme review unit is the design that is quite identical to the realme 7i. The body design includes special for smartphones priced at 2 million. Unlike the other C series, the realme C17 has two different visual styles, which we think look attractive and fresh.

The first visual style is reflective dark blue with highlighted effects, and the other is light blue with AG opaque effects, presenting a completely different feel. In terms of workmanship, these two colors are also different. The light blue version has an additional layer of AG coating to give matte results.

In addition, the realme C17 has a more premium feel with the shape of the rectangular camera module contained in the 7 series. Meanwhile, the light on the back also comes from the camera area and blends with the visual center of the back, improving the overall alignment of the rear cover design.

This latest realme smartphone has a punch hole in the upper left of the touchscreen. The texture of the body is tight, not slippery so it is good to hold. The design includes thin (8.5mm) and light (188g), whereas this smartphone has a jumbo battery capacity. Interestingly, all the holes in the C17 realme smartphone are waterproof with silicone protectors that effectively prevent splashing water.


The C17 has a 90Hz Ultra Smooth screen refresh rate and a 120Hz sampling speed in a 6.5-inch span. Capable of producing 90 frames per second, the 90Hz display has a 50% higher refresh rate when compared to a conventional 60Hz display, resulting in a seamless and seamless visual experience with every swipe of the screen.

Similar to realme 7i, this smartphone is supported by a 6.5-inch screen span and a screen to body ratio of 90%. It also has a screen ratio of 20:9,1600×720 HD+ resolution and a brightness level of 600nits. Vendors also inject Eye Protection on the screen that can be timed automatically to be active. Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

With HD+ screen resolution, used to play games, watch movies or stream video content is quite satisfying with smooth visuals. when stared at. But when used in the hot sun, the image displayed on the screen is slightly decreased.

Regarding screen response to touch, we use the Drum Kit app. Through this test, we felt his response to finger taps was still a thin delay, especially when playing the drums at a fast tempo.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme C17 2021

When it comes to performance, what the realme C17 presents is quite interesting. The reason, this series comes with chipsets made by Qualcomm. Unlike the last few C series that use products produced by mediatek manufacturers. In fact, this series tends to inherit the realme 7i gene more. The design is similar and equally Snapdragon-based.

The C17 realme review unit we tested adopted the Snapdragon 460 processor. The runway kitchen is made using an 11nm process, making it more powerful and efficient. The chip also comes with a Kryo 240 structure in the CPU with a clockspeed of 1.8Ghz and an Adreno 610 GPU. The graphics processor is equivalent to the Snapdragon 622 chipset.

Qualcomm's runway kitchen is quite reliable and has good performance to play mainstream games. It is not easy to heat and the performance is quite speedy to handle multitasking. It can devour commonly used medium and heavy applications without lag.

To be used to play Mobile Legends can still be set right flat with high or high graphics. While for PUBG Mobile the graphics settings are enough in the medium only. The gameplay is still satisfying.

Realme C17 comes with the largest memory configuration in its class including in the C series which is 6GB LPDDR4x +256GB UFS 2.1 which can still be added with MicroSD up to 256GB. This large memory configuration is only specific to the Indonesian market, the first C series to offer an internal memory option of up to 256GB.

256GB of memory can hold 10GB of video files, 1.5GB of photos, 500MB of documents, 2GB of apps, 1GB of music files and about 221GB left. Our experience using a smartphone of 256GB, not worried in downloading the application. Supported with 6GB of RAM so that invited to multitask or play games is still quite capable.

C17 realme camera

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C17 2021

C17 realme review unit camera turns out to have similarities with realme C15. It comes with a four-camera configuration, at least quite promising as a complement to other aspects such as batteries, processors and others. Make it a complete device with adequate capabilities.

The 13MP (wide) main camera uses a large aperture of f/2.2 with PDAF support that captures focus faster and precisely. 4x zoom also allows users to take clear photos remotely.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C17 2021

Then there are ultra wide angle lenses of 8MP, f/2.25 and 119 degrees. It can capture a wider view supported by distortion calibration algorithms, making wide field photos look more real and natural.

And two 2MP supporting sensors (B&W and Retro Lenses) provide two special artistic effects. Both lenses can reproduce portraits in black and white, providing higher exposure and increasing the contrast between light and dark.

On the front, an 8MP selfie camera can take photos clearly and clearly. The front camera also supports AI beauty, HDR mode, portrait mode and Panoselfie features to help you take wider selfies.

Overall it gives you the best camera experience in its segment. Many modes such as slow motion, timelapse, HDR, Chroma Boost and Nightscape.This realme smartphone camera can record video in Full HD (1080@30fps) and HD (720@30fps) resolutions. The quality is quite good, but the stabilization is not very promising.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C17 2021


Smartphone Reviews, Realme C17 2021

This smartphone uses realme UI based on Android 10. realme UI is built very well for an enhanced and closer Android experience. Icons and looks are simple, efficient, designed with 4 things in mind – system colors, icons, wallpapers, and animations.

This design style presents a minimalist and dynamic icon design, which is more clear and orderly. Users can not only change the shape and size of icons but can also change the size of the icon's internal graphics. In terms of system animation, realme UI is equipped with the latest quantum animation engine, which improves the smoothness of the screen.

Other Features

The C17 realme review unit has a fingerprint sensor that is embedded in the rear body, the response is ultra fast, only 0.27 seconds. Coupled with face unlock to complete the lock screen. Although on paper there is no recorded gyroscope, but this setting can be activated by pubg mobile game lovers.

There is also a Dual Mode for Music Sharing using wireless earbuds and wired earphones simultaneously. There is Focus Mode that activates DND (Do Not Disturb Mode) to Dark Mode.

Battery Capacity

The C series realme is famous as a series that offers large batteries. Similarly, the realme C17 features a large 5000mAh battery plus a combination 18W Quick Charge fast charging that is much asked by realme Fans to bring fast charging for large batteries.

Based on testing at realme Lab, the realme C17 can last for 34 days in standby mode, even much better than some other flagships. With dedicated OTG charging, the realme C17 can also be your battery saver. Realme C17 comes with 18W Quick Charge, taking 30 minutes to charge up to 33%.

Its battery powered by advanced software optimization can make a bigger difference. App Quick Freeze, Screen Battery Optimization.

There is also a Super Power Saving Mode so that the battery becomes longer when used. In this mode, you can choose the 6 most widely used apps to stay active without sacrificing daily use.

We tested the realme C17 in super power saving mode, the results were very impressive. You spend 5% of your battery using WhatsApp or YouTube for almost 1.2 hours. And if you want to find a place to charge the phone, 38 hours is very easy for you to find a charger.

Realme C17 price

The price of realme C17 with 6GB + 256GB memory option can be purchased with a price tag of Rp,000. This latest realme smartphone positions itself above the realme C15. Representing the demand of the market that wants the C Series product line that is embedded with chipsets made by Qualcomm.

The existence of the C17 realme review unit is quite interesting. At least add variety in segment 2 million. In its own market, this series can fill a niche price that has not been touched by rivals and the C-Series family.

Advantages and Disadvantages of C17 RealMe

If speaking of the advantages and disadvantages of realme C17 there are several important aspects highlighted, The advantages of realme C17 that stands out is the largest memory configuration in its class which is 6GB + 256GB which can still be added with MicroSD up to 256GB.

The battery capacity of 5000mAh is still quite relevant if referred to as an advantage. Supported charging ports via USB Type-C and Quick Charge 18W in the sales package. Included are the refresh rate of the 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display screen and quad camera.

The lack of realme C17 may be in the resolution of the screen that is still HD + and the use of IPS LCD panel. These two aspects are not a big problem actually, but if only it could be upgraded it would certainly be more current and the performance becomes more special.

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