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Smartphone reviews, Realme C15 2021

Coming from the "C" series family, the C15 realme is plotted as a complement to the realme-style Entry-Level King series lineup. Not wanting the nickname Entry-Level King just to be a mere patch, realme C15 is also equipped with various "first" all-round technology that makes this smartphone more special, than its competitors are priced at 2 million.

Let you not be curious about the quality of C15 realme, without at length following the reviews!!!


Smartphone reviews, Realme C15 2021

When the realme C15 is present at the editorial table GadgetSquad.ID, it can be said that there is nothing special about the look of this smartphone sales box, other than the basic yellow color that is very identical to the realme brand identity.

So what exactly is the design of the realme C15?

The design of the C15 realme is proportional. The body is not too big, so it is still comfortable to hold with one hand. Unfortunately when digengam, it must be recognized the weight of realme C15 is quite heavy. Overall this smartphone has dimensions of 164.4mm x 75.9mm x 9.8mm with a weight of 209g.

Regardless of the weight is quite heavy, the appearance of the C15 realme rear body must be admittedly so tempting. The rear body cover is designed with the concept of "Geometric Gradient Design". The trapezoidal shape divides the back cover into 3 areas with different line angles, this kind of design can bring colors with different gradations.

This geometric gradient design also produces regular visual effects and makes the C15's realme look even more classy. The rear body itself has a touch of texture, as a result the C15 realme is not slippery when grasped.

The rear body display of the realme C15 is increasingly attractive with a contemporary camera layout. Like the C11 realme series, the camera layout on the rear body of the C15 realme is boxed. Realme C15 is available in Marine Blue and Seagull Silver colors.


Smartphone reviews, Realme C15 2021

Still in terms of appearance, this time it's the turn of the C15 realme screen that GadgetSquad.ID try to take the quality. The realme 15 specification is equipped with a 6.5-inch screen with HD + resolution and a density of up to 720×1600 pixels.

The screen realme C15 carries a Mini-drop design, which adopts a new arrangement process that is improved based on function, so that the pony area is reduced by 30.9% compared to other smartphones with the same concept. The size of the smaller bangs automatically, making this smartphone has a wider screen ratio, which reaches 88.7%.

With the concept and technology of the display carried, it can be said that the C15 realme display is very current, but what about the performance? No mean excessive, there is nothing that hampers when test the C15 realme screen. The screen response is so good, the color display is also fairly real.

One more thing that should not be missed, because the realme C15 has a screen ratio of 88.7%, making this eye view more comfortable when exploring this smartphone in the long term.


Smartphone reviews, Realme C15 2021

The camera menu becomes another weapon realme C15 to attract the hearts of consumers. The realme C15 was honored, becoming the first smartphone of the "C" series family armed with 4 lenses. Not only many, the four cameras embedded in the rear body of the realme C15 come with classy technology.

The main camera has 13MP optics with a large aperture of f/2.2, plus ultra wide lenses of 8MP f/2.25 and 119°, as well as two 2MP quality lenses with the ability to take B&W and Retro images.

When tested, the ability of the four lenses cannot be underestimated. For example, when GadgetSquad.ID maximize the C15 realme, to take pictures of the scenery. Ultra wide lenses, capable of producing dramatic landscape images with just one click.

In addition, the distortion calibration algorithm, adjusted by realme, is able to correct the distortion generated in traditional ultra-wide-angle photos, making wide field photos more real and stunning.

UTo make the photography experience more interesting, the camera in realme C15 is also equipped with features and a complete shooting mode. One of them is so current, namely Super Nightscape Mode.

This one feature is so indulgent GadgetSquad.ID, when hunting photos at night. The results of the photo using Super Nightscape Mode are fairly satisfactory no less to compete with competitors at the same level.

Two lenses that should not be forgotten: B&W and Retro lenses that provide two special artistic effects. Both lenses can reproduce photos in retro film style and add texture to the final result.

Meanwhile, for those of you who like selfies, realme equips C15 8MP front lens. The front camera also supports AI beauty, HDR mode, portrait mode and Panoselfie features to help you take wider selfies. Overall it gives you the best camera experience in its segment.


Speaking of performance, certainly not separated by the composition of the runway kitchen carried by realme C15. From the data obtained, the composition of the C15 realme runway kitchen is commanded by the Mediatek Helio G35 chipset.

The Mediatek Helio G35 is a 64bits eight-core processor made with a 12nm production process, and has speeds of up to 2.3Ghz. The processor also adopts the Cortex A53 structure. Based on the composition, it can be said that the C15 realme becomes one of the most speeding smartphones in its class.

It should be noted mediatek Helio G35 is known as a gaming processor, especially for entry level smartphones. This processor is claimed, it is ideal for smartphone users and novice gamers, as it can cope with most of the widely used medium and heavy apps and games.

When testing the realme C15 by playing various popular mobile games, such as CODM to PUGB, the performance of this hape is quite satisfactory. All the games that are tried to run smoothly without lag, the graphics display is also quite satisfying, especially considering the realme C15 is a two-class smartphone priced in the millions.

realme C15 itself is available in 3 types, namely 3GB RAM / internal 64GB, 4GB RAM / internal 64GB and 4G / internal RAM 128GB. Please note, realme C15 becomes the first C series that is endowed with internal memory 128GB. Still a matter of data storage, realme C15 has 3 slots, two slots for simCard, 1 slot for external memory.

Special Menu

Like other realme smartphones, the C15 series is also immersed in a built-in interface, namely realme UI. For the C15 series, it has adopted a realme UI based on Android 10. Realme UI is designed with a youth preference and aesthetic approach. realme UI works seamlessly and is fun when used.

In addition to the ui display that is very young people, this smartphone also has distinctive menus and is very helpful for its users in various activities. For example, if you want to relax for a moment, enjoy your favorite music collection or watch a video, you can activate Dual Mode Music Share.

Dual Mode Music Share, is especially useful when two users are trying to enjoy the same video or song, at the same time from the same device. This feature is supported if one user listens to music in Bluetooth and wired headphones at the same time.

Another interesting feature is "Focus Mode". When Focus Mode is active, you can isolate yourself from the outside world. The system will simultaneously play some soothing music. This mode will enable DND (Do Not Disturb Mode), preventing new notifications from piling up.

Other menus that can also be maximized include, 3-Finger Screenshot feature, Personal Information Protection, to Dark Mode. As for additional security facilities, the realme C15 is armed with a fingerprint scanner embedded in the rear body.


Smartphone reviews, Realme C15 2021

As mentioned at the beginning, many of the first all-round technologies are embedded in the C15 realme, some of which are in the endurance sector. This can not be separated from the slogan carried by realme C15, namely "6000 mAh with 18W Quick Charge".

From the slogan, it has been seen what are the first all-round technologies that are present in the C15 realme endurance sector. Yup, the C15 series became the first realme smartphone to be implanted with a mega battery with a capacity of 6000 mAh. Then, realme C15 also became the first smartphone in the C-series line of realme equipped with 18W fast charging feature.

Furthermore, the realme C15 was passed by the vendor as the first smartphone in the C series family, which has a combination of a 6000mAh mega battery with 18W Quick Charge. These facts are certainly very tempting, but is the quality of the C15 realme endurance sector, as tough as realme heralded?

Speaking of battery capacity, there is no denying the 6000mAh battery, making the realme C15 as one of the smartphones with the largest power supply in the market today. While in terms of quality, according to the test results at realme Lab, the C15 realme series can last up to 57 days in standby mode.

With this fact, realme claims if the durability of the C15 realme series, is much better than some flagship smartphones. tried to prove the claim, by testing the realme C15 running various features intensely and simultaneously. As a result, the C15's realme battery life is tough.

For example, when this hape was tested to play PUGB for almost 2 hours, the battery capacity was only reduced by about 15% from 100%. The durability of the C15 realme battery life can not be separated from the technology developed by the vendor, including App Quick Freeze, Screen Battery Optimization and Super Power Saving Mode.

Related to the ability of Quick Charge 18W, this one facility according to, becomes a refinement of the quality of C15 realme in the battery life sector. You don't have to fear wasted time, when charging the C15 realme battery is so large. When tested, it took about 30 minutes to charge 25% of the power.

Cool again, not only has a 6000mAh bongsor battery and features 18W fast charging, realme C15 also has OTG reverse charging capabilities. This facility is certainly very helpful, if in the middle of the activity there are gadgets that are low batt.


Through the "Entry-Level King" series, realme seems to continue to prove its mission, to change the stigma if the smartphone is entry level, always comes with quality and makeshift features.

Realme C15 is the latest evidence, how a smartphone class price two million injected with current technology and of course powerful, according to the needs of consumers.

Interestingly, the realme C15 is also endowed with various new technologies that are revolutionary for smartphones in the price class, such as a 6000mAh mega battery with 18W fast charging capabilities.

Reflecting on a series of new technologies, as well as their satisfactory quality during the testing process. It feels very feasible if the C15 realme to be the main target, for consumers who are looking for a new smartphone is stretched by two million.

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