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Smartphone Reviews, Realme C12 2021

 In the battle in the homeland, Realme could currently be said to be trying to create a new standard by presenting the "Entry Level King" family. Yup, through the Entry Level King series, realme tries to change the stigma if the entry level class hp, always comes with makeshift features and appearance.

Realme C11 and C15 are a clear proof of how realme can deliver entry-level hp, but armed with classy features and design. But is realme satisfied with his achievements so far? The answer is no, because realme again adds to the collection of Entry Level King ranks by officially introducing the C12 realme.

At first glance the move of the Chinese manufacturer to release the C12 series is quite surprising, because the realme C11 and C15 are still new to the market. So what makes the Realme C12 special? realme C12 carries the slogan "6000mAh Triple Camera", from the jargon has radiated the specialty of this latest hero realme.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme C12 2021

The display sector, became the starting point of GadgetSquad's exploration into the C12 realme. In terms of packaging, it can be said that the C12 realme already looks so tempting. Not only a yellow box that is indented with realme, the C12 realme sales box comes with a gravity design.

When further investigated, the special look of the C12 realme sales box, is the creative work of realme Fans fans winners of #GambarinBoxrealme contests that will be sold on a limited basis in realme stores.

It can be said in terms of the appearance of the outside, realme C12 can describe the identity of realme very young very young. The seductive outside display, no doubt makes GadgetSquad even more curious, to polarize the realme of C12 further.

When the sales box is opened, as expected realme C12 does have a nice design look to look at. Like the C15 series, the realme C12 has a cool rear body design. Realme called the design covered behind the C12, applying the "Geometric Gradient Design".

The trapezoidal shape divides the rear cover into 3 areas with different line angles, this kind of design makes the rear body of the C12 realme have different gradations. The use of this technology also makes the C12 realme more attractive, comfortable in the hand, minimal fingerprint marks, not easily scratched and not slippery when grasped.

The dimensions of the Realme C12 feels right when grasped with one hand, when tucked into the pocket of the phone pants also does not interfere with the car. This fact, indicates that the realme C12 not only has a kece look, but also has a proportional body. Realme C12 is available in two colors, marine blue and coral red.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme C12 2021

Exploration GadgetSquad.ID the Realme C12, continues into the screen sector. To tempt potential customers, realme puts a 6.5-inch screen with a ratio of 20:9, as a result the realme C12 brings a wider field of view, so that the view is more comfortable especially when playing games or watching videos.

Not quite there, the internal structure of the C12 realme screen apparently adopted a new improved arrangement process based on function, creatively pulling parts and components closer to each other so that the pony area was reduced (by 30.9% compared to normal dewdrop bangs).

If you look at the identity of the entry level class, what realme C12 offers in the screen sector, can be tightened is more than enough. The technology is current and most importantly, GagdgetSquad.ID do not feel visual disturbances, when exploring the realme C12 further.


The imaging facility became one of the mainstay attractions of the Realme C12, this is in accordance with its slogan "6000 mAh Triple Camera". The magical power of realme 12 imaging features, located in the AI Triple Camera embedded in the rear body. The three lenses with AI technology, make the C12 realme so prominent in the competition in the entry level segment.

For its own composition the realme C12 has a main camera, adopting a 13MP image sensor with a large aperture of f/2.2. Furthermore, the realme C12 also comes with a 2MP BW lens and macro optics. When tested, the C12 realme camera turned out to be so fast and precise when capturing the focal point, this certainly facilitates the process of perpetuating images.

The C12 realme camera is equipped with 4x zoom capability. To take macro photos, the C12 realme camera lens can capture detailed objects, up to a distance of 4cm. This allows you to shoot macro photography in amazing detail.

Not to be left out by maximizing Nightscape Mode, GadgetSquad also tested the C12 realme camera taking night photos. The quality of the C12 realme night photos, fairly decent. After having fun with the AI Triple Camera embedded in the rear body of the C12, GadgetSquad did not forget to shake the capabilities of the phone's front camera.

To satisfy the selfie, the realme C12 is already armed with a 5MP lens. The front camera also supports AI beauty, HDR mode, portrait mode and Panoselfie features. In general, the completeness of the features and quality of C12 realme camera results is satisfactory, not just the mere specifications listed in the manual.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C12 2021

Other Featured Features

Another advantage offered by realme C12, according to GadgetSquad of course in terms of interface. The C12 series comes with a realme UI based on Android 10. realme UI is built very well, for an enhanced and closer Android experience.

This built-in interface is designed with a preference and aesthetic approach of young people, this is in line with the look of the C12 realme sales box that looks so attractive. But more important of all, realme UI works so smoothly and fun when used.

Another thing worth taking into account from the C12 realme is the security facility. Although coming from the entry level class, realme has armed the C12 series with fingerprint sensor security facilities. It's nothing new, but the quality of the C12 realme fingerprint sensor, has a very fast response.

When GadgetSquad tried to test it, it took less than 1 second to unlock the phone. Coolly, the realme C12 also has facial recognition security features. To compete at its level, the security facilities offered by realme C12 can be said to be above average.

Well for those of you who like to unwind by playing music, do not forget to enable the Dual Mode Music Share feature. This menu is especially useful when two users are trying to enjoy the same video or song at the same time from the same device.

Not enough to get there, this phone is also crammed with various interesting menus that are so functional, ranging from the "Focus" mode, 3-Finger Screenshot to the Personal Information Protection menu.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme C12 2021

When it's running standard applications, the C12's realme performance works seamlessly. And when GadgetSquad tested the multitasking capabilities of realme C12, it turns out that the performance of this hape is still smooth jaya broo!!

The above situation certainly can not be separated from the quality of the runway kitchen that realme planted, in the body of realme C12. Based on the information obtained from the sales city, realme C12 presents MediaTek Helio G35 processor which is a gaming processor in this segment.

The MediaTek Helio G35 is an eight-core processor built with a 12nm production process and a speed of 2.3Ghz, and adopts the Cortex A53 structure. The configuration makes it one of the fastest and newest processors in its category.

This processor is ideal for smartphone users and novice gamers, as it can cope with most of the widely used mid- and heavy apps and games. Therefore no wonder, when GadgetSquad tested the Realme C12 by playing PUGB, the hp's performance was so smooth, unlike most entry-level smartphones.

In support of its performance, the MediaTek Helio G35 processor has 3GB of RAM support powered by LPDDR4X RAM. Compared to LPDDR3, graphics performance increased by 20% and RAM performance increased by 100%.

Speaking of data storage space, realme C12 is already provided internal memory 32GB. If the internal memory feels lacking, you do not need to worry, because realme C12 has adopted a 3-Card slot, two for Nano SIM cards and one for MicroSD cards (up to 256GB).


Smartphone Reviews, Realme C12 2021

Until also GadgetSquad to the endurance sector. Based on the slogan "6000 mAh Triple Camera" it is clear how the durability sector, becomes one of the main moves of realme C12, in addition to the quality of the camera that is fairly capable to compete in the beginner class.

Speaking of batteries, the taste of 6000 mAh cotton makes the realme C12 very prominent durability, compared to competitors in the same class. If there is a comparable, it is still from the realme family, namely the C15 series.

The C12 realme battery is not only large, but it has been very tested for durability. According to test results at realme Lab, the realme C12 can last up to 57 days in standby mode, even better than some flagship smartphones.

GadgetSquad has also tried to prove Realme's claim by playing PUGB intensely for 2 hours. As a result, for 2 hours in pugb, the Realme C12 battery was only reduced by about 2%.

Another note that gadgetSquad managed to find, it turns out that the Realme C12 battery is not just a mere "bongsor". The 6000mAh battery is the foundation, but advanced software optimization can make a bigger difference.

Yup, Realme adds a variety of technologies that make the realme C12 battery work more effectively and can last longer. The technology starts from the Features of App Quick Freeze, Screen Battery Optimization, Sleep Standby Mode, Super Power Saving Mode.

For the Super Power Saving Mode menu, in this mode you can choose the 6 most widely used apps, to stay active to extend the battery life very long. At the same time, smartphones will turn on a more aggressive power-saving strategy.

Another interesting thing that Realme pinned on the C12 endurance sector, is the ability of this hp to transform into a power bank. Yup, realme C12 has been equipped with OTG reverse charging feature, this is certainly another plus compared to its competitors at the same level.


Realme C12 becomes the youngest member of the "Entry Level King" family, its presence certainly adds an option for those of you who are looking for a new hape in the beginner class. Well, carrying the DNA of the Entry Level King family a la Realme, the C12 realme series does not just appear sober.

Yup, realme C12 does appear so tempting, ranging from sales boxes with attractive designs, to the technology is so current. In terms of technology, Realme again showed its consistency to popularize the 6000 mAh battery in the beginner class.

Not only that, the camera in realme C12 also presents technology, above the average beginner's phone. The other menu is also no less functional and the most important thing is the performance of the Realme C12. Yes, the performance of the Realme C12 is far from a sluggish impression that has been a stigma of beginner phones.

From the results of exploration, it can be said that realme C12 is a complete package beginner hp. In the realme C12 you will find a new technologically advanced phone with powerful performance, strong in terms of durability and all wrapped up in the look of a smartphone design that young people kece.

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