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Smartphone Reviews, Realme 7i 2021

 If realme Number Series becomes a new and quality benchmark in the middle class segment, as a result its presence is highly anticipated by realme Fans. Can realme 7i be as successful as the previous series?

Before you fall in love with this "64MP Power Master" phone, I first check out the complete review of realme 7i below!!!


Smartphone Reviews, Realme 7i 2021

For the umpteenth time, GadgetSquad was made to fall in love with realme's latest hp design. Like some realme series that have recently been released, which appear so tempting with the iconic rear cover design. Similar conditions also GadgetSquad encountered, when first saw the design behind the realme 7i.

The rear body of the realme 7i is so seductive, it just so happens that the unit that GadgetSquad tested this time colored the base of Polar Blue. Gradation of blue and white color, looks so fresh to the eye. Inspired by the glass space in nature, the realme 7i series presents a brilliant mirror design.

There is an iconic dividing line in the realme 7i series with a diagonal direction, dividing the realme 7i into two parts. And when the light rays hit the back body of the realme 7i, it looks matte texture at the bottom forming a very sharp contrast, but still looks harmonious and balanced.

The rear body itself is shiny, but interestingly the realme 7i is not slippery when grasped, fingerprints are not easily attached to the back area. This is certainly an additional value for realme 7i in the design sector.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme 7i 2021

Still from the exterior side, this time GadgetSquad tried to explore the advantages of realme 7i on the screen area. realme 7i implanted screen measuring 6.5 inches. The size itself is fairly standard, but this actually makes the realme 7i screen is still very comfortable to operate with one hand.

Regardless of the size issue, realme is able to develop this hp screen with the current concept and technology. Like a screen with a 20:9 ratio, supported by HD + resolution of 1600×720 pixels, plus a brightness level of 600nits, up to 90% screen-to-body ratio.

Not quite there, when explored further the screen realme 7i has other weapons.

Yup, the realme 7i screen has a refresh rate of 90Hz Ultra Smooth. The technology, making the realme 7i screen has a refresh rate of 50%, is higher when compared to the conventional 60Hz display.

When tested further, all the technology that the realme 7i screen has is able to collaborate well, resulting in a seamless and seamless visual experience with every swipe of the screen.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme 7i 2021

Carrying the slogan 64MP Power Master, make a gas plug by directly exploring the realme 7i camera. This phone carries 4 cameras embedded in the back body.

The 4 cameras with a 64MP main lens compound, 8MP ultra wide optics, plus macro lenses and B&W portrait lenses of 2MP each, are guaranteed to make your photographic instincts soar, to immediately explore its toughness.

When GadgetSquad captures moments from behind the lens of the realme 7i camera, the quality of the shot is promising. The main camera has extraordinary light detection capabilities, as a result when taking pictures in low light conditions, the photo quality is still fairly sharp.

When trying to capture landscape photos, ultra wide optics 8MP in realme 7i camera, has aperture f / 2.2, and take pictures with a 119 ° angle of view. Just one click away, you can take pictures of landscapes, architecture and large groups with amazing results.

Don't forget also with macro and B&W lenses, both optics are not just complementary cameras. The shooting quality of macro and B&W lenses is quite satisfactory, so it is able to give a different touch to the features of the realme 7i camera.

A few tips, when taking macro pictures, for a masimal result should make sure the distance between the object and the lens radius is 4CM. For those of you who like night photography, the realme 7i camera has three of the most popular night filters: Cyberpunk, Flamingo, and Modern Gold.

Night Filters feature Nightscape, providing a more engaging night photo experience and making it more creative for low-light photos. There is also an Ultra-Clear 64MP Mode. On this menu realme developed an ultra-high definition algorithm, as a result, the quality of the realme 7i shot became so clear.

The sensation of exploring the imaging menu in realme 7i, does not stop at the rear camera only. To satisfy the desire for self-photos, realme 7i is armed with a 16MP camera with F2.1 aperture. The front camera itself uses Sony IMX471 sensors, supporting smart beauty modes and more. The front camera also supports HDR and EIS Stabilization.

From the results of exploration, the features and quality of realme 7i shots can make this phone a "dark horse", to compete with competitors in the middle to upper middle class.

Additional features

The features and quality of the realme 7i camera is indeed so tempting to explore further, it's just that not only the imaging menu is the appeal of hape. realme 7i has also been covered by various supporting menus, which makes it not inferior to competitors in its class.

One of the highlights, realme 7i already has a complete security menu, ranging from fingerprint scanner to facial recognition. Both security technologies worked very well when tested. Another interesting facility, is still embedded 3.5mm audio jack port.

The 3.5mm audio jack port is universal, making you more free to add additional audio devices according to taste. Other facilities, from the info obtained, all holes in realme 7i are waterproof, because realme seals the hole with silicone protectors, effectively preventing splashing.

Another thing to know, this hape is already available 3 card slots. Two slots to place sim cards 1 and 2, while another slot is used to add external memory cards. The rest of the additional features that realme 7i has, are standard with current technology.

Runway kitchen

Smartphone Reviews, Realme 7i 2021

During exploring realme 7i, there are not many obstacles. For example, when maximizing realme 7i as a means of entertainment, GadgetSquad tested it by watching HD quality movie streaming, to playing RFS concept mobile games such as CODM and PUGB, hp performance is smooth.

Not only that, when rolling the realme 7i camera to satisfy the passion of photography, to maximize this phone as a device to help work activities, the performance does not disappoint.

The comfort of GadgetSquad when exploring realme 7i, can not be separated from the composition of the runway kitchen carried by the latest hero realme. The realme 7i runway kitchen is commanded by Snapdragon 662, which nota bene one of the best chipsets to compete in the middle class.

This chipset is made using an 11nm process, making it more powerful and efficient. Snapdragon 662 also comes with a Kryo 260 structure in the CPU and Adreno 610 GPU. With a combination of LPDDR4x and UFS 2.1, realme 7i delivers a seamless experience for users.

Please note snapdragon 662 chipset, provides enough power for gaming and daily use. Another thing that makes the performance of realme 7i satisfactory during testing, can not be separated from the technology that accompanies snapdragon 662 chipset.

Yup, refers to the demand of realme fans who want a middle-class phone, but equipped with a powered runway kitchen composition. realme finally put snapdragon 662 chipset in the 7i series with a large RAM measuring 8GB, plus internal memory 128GB.

The large memory configuration of 8GB + 128GB, plus snapdragon 662 chipset undoubtedly makes realme 7i, has a very promising performance to compete at the middle level.

Batteries and price

Realme 7i has a massive 5000 mAh battery that can be used to enjoy nonstop use, whenever you want. Based on realme Lab testing, the realme 7i can last for 34 days in standby mode, even better than some other flagships.

Realme's claims regarding batteries are not just speech. When testing the durability of realme 7i to the extreme by playing games, watching movies and other activities for approximately 2 hours, this hape battery is only reduced by about 5% from the initial condition of 100%.

Awetnye realme 7i power supply, can not be separated from various additional technologies embedded realme. The 5000 mAh battery is indeed the foundation, it's just that the realme adds App Quick Freeze, Screen Battery Optimization, Power Saving Mode, to Super Power Saving Mode.

With these various technologies, it's no wonder the durability of realme 7i becomes more durable. Interestingly, realme has a special OTG reverse charge that is very useful in times of emergency. In addition, the realme 7i comes with 18W Quick Charge, when tested it takes 30 minutes to charge up to 33%.

Speaking of price, one thing the 7i series needs to know in the realme plot to compete in the middle class. Therefore, despite being awarded a series of qualified technology, realme 7i is still auctioned at a friendly price. To get realme 7i, this hape is auctioned in the range of 3 million.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme 7i 2021

Referring to the slogan carried, namely "64MP Power Master" maybe you will think the advantages of realme 7i, more to the camera sector and durability. This assumption is not wrong, it's just that from the results of gadgetSquad exploration, the appeal of realme 7i is more than just a kece camera and a large battery.

Yup, during the realme 7i, feel this hape also has appeal in terms of design. Realme 7i looks much fresher than other competitors at the mid-level, whose design is mostly mononton.

Another interesting thing, realme 7i has increased in the memory configuration sector. Currently there is rarely a middle-class hp in the range of 3 million equipped with 8GB RAM + internal 128GB and external memory. But in realme 7i you can get it all.

Not quite there, the 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display screen technology, also becomes another weapon of the realme 7i. Overall based on tests conducted, realme 7i can be "disruptive", the middle-class smartphone segment.

How not to interfere, all the "Power" configurations offered by realme 7i, ranging from fresh display, large memory, excellent screen, qualified camera features, durable battery, plus friendly price, make this hape very tempting to have.

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