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Smartphone Reviews, Realme 7 Pro 2021

  Realme Indonesia will soon release realme 7 Pro. Well, before the Pro series or known as the flagship product for young comes officially, here's a brief review of realme 7 Pro and its unboxing, while peeking at some important specifications.

As is known, this smartphone will come with a revolutionary charging technology called 65W SuperDart Charge as the fastest charging solution in Indonesia.

This technology allows users to #3MinChargingEnough in the midst of busyness. Curious, let's see what is in the box of the product that complements the realme 7 and realme 7i variants.

Short Review & Unboxing Realme 7 Pro

Smartphone Reviews, Realme 7 Pro 2021

When buying realme 7 Pro, users will get a bright yellow sales box. When unboxing the contents in the sales box, users will get the realme 7 Pro unit itself.

Then there is the 65W SuperDart Charge, USB type-C cable, manual, silicon case to protect smartphones and TÜV Rheinland Smartphone Reliability Verification cards.

As realme always does on its number series products, especially the Pro variant, realme always embeds the specifications of high-end flagship smartphones.

As a result, this high-end spec so that makes this product favored by many young people who want a flagship smartphone at the best price they can get.

For the first time in the realme Number Pro Series, realme 7 Pro presents 65W Charging Evolution, where previously, this fast charging technology has been presented in its flagship flagship.

Through realme 7 Pro, realme wants to emphasize that young people as smartphone users are able to get the best out of their smartphones.

This means, realme strives to continue to provide the experience of flagship smartphone technology at the best price they can get.

65W SuperDart Charge Technology

Smartphone Reviews, Realme 7 Pro 2021

Realme 7 Pro brings 65W SuperDart Charge to smartphone users, where they can do #3MinChargingEnough and refresh their mind or body before continuing the busyness and other activities.

This technology is presented by realme because seeing some busy users will not be able to compromise with a slow battery charging system.

With the #3MinChargingEnough program, realme also invites users to refresh for a moment before continuing their activities again.

Meanwhile, the latest HP realme battery will be re-charged and can be used to help users continue their various activities for a long period of time.

Realme 7 Pro Camera: 64MP Sony IMX682 

Smartphone Reviews, Realme 7 Pro 2021

In the camera sector, realme 7 Pro will present the latest configuration of 64MP Quad Camera with Sony IMX682 that will provide a pro-level shooting experience like flagship smartphones, as well as AI color portrait for recording cinematic video.

With a 32MP In-Display Selfie, the realme 7 Pro carries the highest selfie camera among other smartphone realme and is ready to enhance smartphone users' selfie capabilities.

Furthermore, the realme 7 Pro will use a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display to offer users a clearer and sharper display of the screen when watching videos or viewing images.


Not to forget, realme 7 Pro has also been equipped with NFC which has been the most in-demand feature by realme Fans in Indonesia.

Where this NFC feature is presented specifically for the Indonesian market. In addition, the realme 7 Pro has also passed the TÜV Rheinland Smartphone Reliability Verification which includes many common usage scenarios.

With this certificate, realme has improved the quality of its smartphones, thus allowing users to freely enjoy their realme smartphones with advanced designs and technology, without worry.

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