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Smartphone Reviews, iPhone 8 2021

iPhone 8 review in 2021: The Little One Still Being Looked At

Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 8 2021

It's gotten to the number "13", apple's automatic smartphone series released in previous years shifted at a price that is certainly more affordable. Of the many old iPhones that exist, the iPhone 8 is one that is quite in demand today at least the used unit, yes.

Yes, the iPhone 8 is a smartphone released in 2017 ago, aka its age is now more than four years old. This device is one that carries a "classic" design with a home button on the front side. Which is then reused in the iPhone SE 2020 exactly, with only minor differences.

With an increasingly affordable price, the iPhone 8 has its own appeal for those who crave affordable Apple smartphones. Either just for secondary devices, or those who need smartphones with compact dimensions. So how did it perform after more than four years of release? Here's the review.


Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 8 2021

From the back, the iPhone 8 will look almost exactly like the iPhone SE (2020). The main difference is in the color options, plus the laying of the Apple logo which also differs the old version is still slightly upwards, while the new series is made in the middle. And yes, it looks fresh because of its compact dimensions.

In the midst of a sea of full-screen iPhones plus Android smartphones that mostly have a 6-inch screen, the dimensions of the iPhone 8 are still very comfortable for one-handed use. Well, actually slightly larger than the iPhone 12 mini that we have also reviewed before. But the material is also made equally premium; Gorilla Glass rear front with aluminum frame.

There is an IP67 certification that makes it dust and water resistant, but for this, make sure it still works or has a seal (rubber) that is tight when buying a used unit. Glass material certainly makes it more prone to breaking and dirty, but when the condition is clean, it can be equated with today's flagships.

Because of material differences, you can't use the iPhone 7 case to the iPhone 8, except for a supple case like a soft case. Because its dimensions are 0.2mm thicker, weighing about 148 grams.


For this part, it is still exactly the same as the iPhone 7, with one significant difference or not depending on usage. Yes, the iPhone 8's screen is equally 4.7 inches in size, with thick bezels around it and supports 3D touch for quick shortcut access.

The difference is the presence of the True tone display feature, where the iPhone 8 screen can adjust the white color balance following the ambient color lighting. This feature will help to reflect the most accurate colors, plus make it comfortable for reading needs.

Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 8 2021

The dimensions of 4.7 inches alone may be considered too small for today's standards. Although there is one advantage: because the ratio is 'still' 16:9, there is no thick black border on the top and bottom of the screen when watching most Netflix series that use the ratio format.

The use of one hand is certainly more comfortable, because you can reach the top without the need to move the body of the smartphone. The brightness itself is still enough for outdoor use, and the quality and saturation of its IPS panel can again be pitted against today's expensive Android.


Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 8 2021

On paper, the iPhone 8 camera is exactly the same as the iPhone 7. It has one 12MP sensor with an f/1.8 diaphragm and already supports hardware stabilization aka OIS. Without night mode and portrait mode, where the second feature only exists on the iPhone 8 Plus.

The quality of the photos can be said to be almost the same. The characteristics of iPhone photos in this series tend to be warm, provide the best details but with a more 'honest' amount of noise. If needed, you can buy third-party apps like NeuralCam that can serve as night mode.


Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 8 2021

A slight improvement is seen in photo scenarios with extreme lighting, thanks to the first generation of Smart HDR features. Likewise with the 7MP f / 2.2 front camera on the iPhone 8, give a natural skin tone, with a less wide viewing angle alias more intended for your own photos.

While the ability to record video increases, up to 4K 60fps. Its OIS is also enhanced with a more stable EIS, making the iPhone 8 one of the cheapest smartphone alternatives that can produce the best video, even better than some Android series Rp6 - 7 million. Both in terms of image quality and audio capture


Despite being more than four years old, Apple still provides iOS 15 software updates on the iPhone 8. And users don't have to worry about the future of their software. When the iPhone 6s alone also gets iOS 15, it is likely that the iPhone 8 will still be supported for the next two years.

But don't expect to support all the features that the latest iOS brings, yes. Thanks to hardware restrictions, features such as microphone capture control to portrait effects when FaceTime isn't around, as well as SharePlay that users might watch movies simultaneously from Apple TV. At least new weather widgets and apps are still being brought in.

There is one feature that can currently be revealed by old iPhone users. Yes, at a time where we still use masks more often, even iPhone 13 Pro users have to enter a PIN / password every day want to unlock (unless you also use the Apple Watch, yes).

While iPhone 8 series users can directly unlock the screen by pressing the thumb into the home button in front. There is also no need to lift the smartphone in front of the face just to check important notifications.

The stereo speaker quality on the iPhone 8 is arguably quite okay for a compact device, with a good sound output of the earpiece with speakers on the lower body. And for users who live in big cities, nfc sensors can be used for top-ups and check e-money card balances.


Although only one generation apart, Apple gave a significant improvement to the architecture of the A11 Bionic chipset on the iPhone 8. In addition to the CPU being transformed into 6 cores (from the previous 4 cores), the fabrication process is also much more modern, which is 10nm, having a major impact on power efficiency. It's hard to imagine, considering that there are still many Androids that use 12nm chipsets

In terms of performance, there is no significant difference between the iPhone 7 & 8. But to be sure, the device feels cooler, both when multitasking and turning on additional applications such as VPN access, thanks to the 10nm fabrication earlier. For multitasking, you could say the equivalent of an Android smartphone Rp2 - 3 million, aka it takes a pause of a few seconds until it can actually run.

So how to play the game? The popular MOBA game that is widely played today runs smoothly on the iPhone 8. Both the graphic display and the responsiveness of the screen can spoil the player. But still I do not recommend, considering its very small battery capacity.

Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 8 2021


The battery capacity of the iPhone 8 actually decreased from the previous series, to only 1,821 mAh. But because of better fabrication, the use of everyday applications still feels the same alias no more wasteful. If you want to save, reach a full day can be. Depending on the condition of the battery of the unit, of course.
For social media access still feels normal, but if it has been used to play games such as Pokemon Unite, it will feel leaky. Somewhat amusingly, the combination of a small battery and 15W fast charging support makes charging relatively fast. Full fast, fast end.


Is the iPhone 8 still worth buying or using as a daily driver? The answer is, still or could be. Of course with a special note, as long as it does not use it as the main gaming device. With one camera sensor, its photo capabilities are also less flexible.

But if you are looking for a cheap Apple smartphone, or just a compact smartphone with a screen less than 5 inches to pair with other large-screen Androids, it will be very suitable. Make sure you get a used unit that is still worth using.

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