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Smartphone Reviews, Asus ROG 5s 2021

 Hands On ROG Phone 5s dan Pro 5s: Fitur Gaming Extra

Smartphone Reviews, Asus ROG 5s 2021

Asus Indonesia has announced the release of the latest line of ROG phone 5 series, by introducing ROG Phone 5s and Pro 5s, on Saturday, November 4 through the official Facebook of Asus ROG Indonesia.

As revealed by Mobile Phone Product Marketing Asus Indonesia Advent Jose. "Through the rapid development of technology, the latest ROG Phone 5s Series is present in Indonesia to provide consumers with gaming phone options that are always up-to-date. Improvements to the latest and fastest processors make the gaming experience even more enjoyable."

Then whatever kunggulan owned by ROG Phone 5s Series, The Cellular Team will review this 5s series in a Hands On session. Let's look at the reviews from Hands On as follows:


Smartphone Reviews, Asus ROG 5s 2021

ROG 5s Series brings a smartphone design that becomes its identity with black and there are red accents, which are the characteristic colors that ROG has with the logo on the back for the 5s and for the 5s Pro has ROG Vision that can display attractive visuals on the back of the smartphone, because it has the advantages of the previous series that can display animations and color images with a variety of scenarios and choices that can be costumed.

The layer that the ROG 5s has is very good because it is on the front of Gorilla Glass Victus, the back (Gorilla Glass 3), with an aluminum frame. It weighs 238 grams and measures 6.78 inches.


ROG Phone 5s series, comes as a gaming smartphone that has advantages, because the screen uses AMOLED Full HD, with a refresh rate of 144Hz which has touch sampling of 360Hz.

Gaming Features

The ROG Phone5s series comes with a variety of gaming features that other smartphones don't have, such as the 5th generation AirTrigger that works like the L1/R1 button on a joystick. Then there are two USB Type C ports that can charge the battery with landscape or portrait.

The advantages of this ROG 5s series have motion control that has more Movement sensitivity with those that can be in the move left / right &Up / Down movement, tilt left / right, shake Left / Right.

Smartphone Reviews, Asus ROG 5s 2021

Latest Chipset

The processor of this ROG gaming smartphone uses Snapdragon 888+ with the advantages of ultrafast 3ghz, and is 5G ready. The processor is also powered by up to 18GB of RAM.

Large Battery

The battery capacity owned by the ROG Phone 5s Series is 6000 mAh, with Fast charging 65W, without the time to charge the battery because it can charge up to 70% in 30 minutes, 100% in 52 minutes.

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