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Smartphone Reviews, Tecno Spark 7 NFC 2021

TECNO Spark 7 NFC Review: Most Complete in Its Class, No Opponent

Smartphone Reviews, Tecno Spark 7 NFC 2021

Not even one year since its first presence in the country, smartphone vendors who are still one parent with Infinix and itel this one have launched some interesting products that have low price prices. Not least the TECNO Spark 7 NFC as a newcomer in 2021.

From the name alone, of course Gizmo friends can guess the excellent features offered by Android affordable this one. If poco X3 NFC can, why not TECNO? Precisely this one is more astonishing — which vendors try, who can provide this modern hardware at a price range of less than Rp1.5 million?

And that generally happens in smartphone entry class, if there are advantages, absolutely coupled with shortcomings as well. But there is nothing to worry about, because in general, the TECNO Spark 7 NFC is very worthy of choice. Here's the review.


It feels like it has started since last year, where smartphone manufacturers have given excessive effort to make their million devices more attractive in appearance. Not least the TECNO Spark 7 NFC, which is no less kece than its more expensive sibling.

Granted, use regular plastic body material, but at least the body surface is made matte with line texture, automatically making it more scratch resistant and fingerprint marks. The Black Magnet option I reviewed this time is also not completely pitch black.

When tilted, there is a slightly brighter color section as if radiated from the camera module. And to give the impression of more 'young', pinned the writing "Spark" which is printed large. In addition to the camera module, the TECNO Spark 7 NFC also has a fingerprint sensor—a feature that's rarely priced.

If you are still afraid that the body will be scratched, TECNO has equipped it with accessories such as hard cases in sales packages. Also a scratch-resistant coating that, unfortunately, must be installed manually. It's hard because it's not tempered glass.

Smartphone Reviews, Tecno Spark 7 NFC 2021


Its sizeable dimensions are offset by a large screen panel on the front. Using a waterdrop notch design, the TECNO Spark 7 NFC carries a 6.5-inch HD+ TFT screen. There's not much to complain about in this section.

Smartphone Reviews, Tecno Spark 7 NFC 2021

For the price offered, color reproduction and contrast are already quite good, with enough brightness for outdoor use. Similarly, with the responsiveness of touch, it is still okay to type quickly or play casual games.

Although not equipped with special protection plus a separate protective layer, for several days of use, no visible scratch marks mean on the windshield TECNO Spark 7 NFC. Well it looks anyway, if really sought after using floodlights, but also still in a very reasonable level.


Don't be fooled by the display of the TECNO Spark 7 NFC rear camera module which is as if there are three. Because in fact, there are only two sensors, even those that actually work only one with a resolution of 16MP.

Smartphone Reviews, Tecno Spark 7 NFC 2021

While the secondary sensor does not specify exactly the amount of resolution, it works as an AI lens for object detection to improve photo results. And when the camera is directed at a variety of objects, it is true, the detection is quite accurate.

Of course the presence of this feature exceeds my expectations of affordable smartphones in 2021. Other effects such as beauty and portraiture are certainly also present, but unfortunately without special night fashion. Maybe the sensor and chipset are less capable, so the quality of photos in low-light conditions can be said to be sober.

For the full photo of the TECNO Spark 7 NFC camera you can access on the following album.

Smartphone Reviews, Tecno Spark 7 NFC 2021

Smartphone Reviews, Tecno Spark 7 NFC 2021

The video recording is not yet equipped with EIS. But at least it supports full HD resolution on both the front and rear cameras. Considering there are still many competitors at more expensive prices that also do not support the stabilization of software and hardware levels.


Generally, a vendor will use the Android operating system (11) Go edition so as not to burden a small memory capacity, as well as chipsets that are not very kenceng. But operating systems on smartphones under Transsion Holdings such as Infinix, itel and TECNO Mobile have always been exceptions.

Included in this TECNO Spark 7 NFC—the features are lush! Starting from theme customization, special features for recording calls to creating WhatsApp stickers, to special shortcuts when making video calls. But of course, the prima donna is the presence of NFC sensors.

The laying itself is somewhat different. At least in my experience, to be able to detect e-money card balances, I had to attach it to the middle, around the fingerprint sensor, instead of the top end of the back body. Instantly, the balance was detected and I was able to top-up like any other NFC Android smartphone.

Not surprisingly, we are already in an era where this feature can be present to the entry-level segment that is very affordable. Suitable for consumers who do not want to spend too deep, or maybe nomads who have just moved to work in a big city.

Smartphone Reviews, Tecno Spark 7 NFC 2021


At first I thought that this smartphone would use a chipset from Unisoc. But it turns out that my guess is wrong, because the performance is quite okay in his class. The TECNO Spark 7 NFC runs the MediaTek Helio A25 chip with 2GB of RAM plus 32GB of internal storage.

This also answers why I feel the performance is more or less the same as the TECNO Spark 6 Go. Of course, with ram check, the activity of opening the lid or switching applications will occur longer. But still in a reasonable level of smartphone Rp1.5 million, let alone have many extra features.

Of course, this smartphone is not suitable for playing games. If you want to be forced to run Asphalt 9, it could be, but with low graphics settings, plus fps consequences that are not so consistent.


Having an HD+ resolution screen coupled with a simple chipset, of course the 5,000 mAh battery capacity given for the TECNO Spark 7 NFC is more than enough. At least for intensive use every day.

Although it cannot be denied, thanks to its performance, I can not use this smartphone as intensely as the mid-range class or flagship yes. At least there is always the rest of the battery until morning - noon the next day.

Still using micro USB, and also still not equipped with fast charging technology. So it takes extra time to charge it, about three hours from almost empty to full.


Smartphone Reviews, Tecno Spark 7 NFC 2021

Without length, if you do not care about the brand, TECNO Spark 7 NFC can be the best choice for the entry level segment. Especially with the initial discount price that is very attractive, as if there is no equivalent competitor.

It doesn't feel good if I complain about the old charging or scratch-resistant coating that has not been installed. At least the features that are actually used everyday, all run smoothly.

Oh, at most its HiOS interface alone which, although feature-rich, is too many built-in apps with notifications that are annoying enough, although they can be eliminated afterwards. Overall, quite electrifying the smartphone market a million.

Although it carries NFC, TECNO can still provide features and quality that is quite evenly good on the TECNO Spark 7 NFC.

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