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Smartphone Reviews, Samsung M52 5G 2021


Samsung Galaxy M52 5G review: The Reliable Lean 

Smartphone Reviews, Samsung M52 5G 2021

Samsung Galaxy M series smartphones are known for their competing specifications plus long-lasting battery life. Compared to the A series, it usually feels like something is "saved", whether it's the camera part or the look of the design. Well, the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G comes quite different from usual — like one of the classes.

Yes, indeed, this is the first Galaxy M series to support 5G networks. The chipset used is fast, but the price is much cheaper than the Galaxy A52s 5G which uses the exact same chip. But it feels like it will be suitable for more people. Touching the right budget for a smartphone Rp5 million.

My experience using this smartphone for one week of use is more or less positive, very comfortable, feels like an all-rounder device that is nothing good. Well at least only 1-2 parts are slightly less, but not essential. Here's my full impression of the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, a device that Gizmo friends need to consider for the best mid-range 2021.


If you already hold the Galaxy M series tuh, automatically do not expect much related to the design. Most are just okay, with some additional color options and that's it. Well, samsung Galaxy M52 5G is yes, in my opinion. It's like the Galaxy A series. Why is that?

Smartphone Reviews, Samsung M52 5G 2021

The first pass of hold immediately realized, this smartphone is light and thin! When I checked the specification sheet, it was true—it weighed only 173 grams with a thickness of 7.4mm. When compared to the A52s 5G, each value is 16 grams & 1mm! The battery is bigger.

Well, so is the slightly larger screen. Held is comfortable, but do not expect to feel premium because the dominant material is plastic. The white color I reviewed seemed to be the most cute, able to hide fingerprints and not look too plastic. Also more neutral to be combined into the color of the shirt or accessory.

Speaking of accessories, there is no screen protector layer attached or soft case in the sales package. Also without waterproof certification, and with a hybrid SIM slot. The fingerprint sensor is also not behind the screen, but fused with the power button. Maybe these are some ways to lower the selling price, by removing the extra features.


Just like Samsung's mid-range smartphones in general, the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G already uses a Super AMOLED panel—this time with plus frills because of its sizeable dimensions at 6.7 inches. Don't worry, the overall body is still relatively compact thanks to the relatively thin bezel around the screen.

The resolution is full HD+ and also supports refresh rates up to 120Hz. Color reproduction, touch responsiveness, maximum brightness, everything is okay. Except for its adaptive brightness feature which sometimes does not fit to adjust to the lighting conditions around. Hopefully later it can be improved through software updates.

The dimensions of the punch-hole camera are also quite small so it does not interfere with the content that is being displayed. Always-on display can also be used for more personalization, as well as a notification marker from the application while on standby. Which is a little unfortunate, a screen as good as this is not balanced with the stereo speaker setup as in the Galaxy A52. The mono speakers are quite loud, indeed, but the details are still somewhat lacking.

Smartphone Reviews, Samsung M52 5G 2021


There were only three sensors in the back, indeed, but the quality exceeded my expectations. In addition to the 64MP main sensor, both ultra-wide and macro sensors have a fairly high resolution, 12MP and 5MP, respectively. The front camera is also high resolution, which is 32MP and has an extra wide viewing angle for selfies together.

Yes, it is without OIS, but the photo-snapping experience of the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G main sensor is similar to the Galaxy A52. Dynamic range is wide during the day, color saturation is one level higher, and the process of shooting night photos effortlessly, including when using night mode. No one has to be really stable because there is no OIS, really.

The ultra wide sensor is quite sharp, can be improved with night mode in less lighting conditions. Similarly, the macro sensor, is still usable rather than just a 2MP sensor. Then what about skin tone when taking photos of human objects?

Under certain conditions (especially indoor lighting), it sometimes becomes a little warmer or yellowish. But sharpness is quite okay, certainly after turning off the active beautification mode by default, both in regular mode to portrait.

For a full photo of the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G camera, you can access the following album.

Smartphone Reviews, Samsung M52 5G 2021

Smartphone Reviews, Samsung M52 5G 2021

Because the main, ultra-wide and front camera sensors are all high resolution, users can record video up to 4K resolution of 30fps from all three sensors, even replacing it directly while the video is being recorded. A typical Samsung feature that not even many more expensive smartphones have as well.

It's just that, because there is no OIS, the maximum video recording becomes unstable, so if you want to be stable it must be lowered to 1080p resolution aka full HD.


Samsung Galaxy M52 5G runs One UI 3.1 based on Android 11. Yes, it's not the "Core" version, so it features just as much as the Galaxy A series. With Samsung's distinctive interface that is very easy to use, with more button elements placed below, so it is easy to reach.

The amount of bloatware is not too much and some of it can be removed. I recommend logging into the Galaxy Store and instantly update some system applications to make it more comfortable to use. The Link to Windows feature that connects the smartphone to the PC device is also available. Until the built-in feature to change the background when making video calls in Zoom or Google Duo.

Smartphone Reviews, Samsung M52 5G 2021

NFC sensor is smooth for reading e-money cards. As for the vibration motor, unfortunately it still feels less, where many competitors have started to be able to replicate the effects of smooth vibrating and precision from the flagship line to mid-range. Oh yes, there is no audio jack on this thin Samsung smartphone huh.


It feels like the chipset used by Samsung Galaxy M52 5G is one of the best in 2021. Yes, Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G can give you fast performance, even feel like using a flagship. Complete with 6nm fabrication that makes it power efficient.

In addition to the wide enough RAM at 8GB, the Galaxy M52 5G by default uses 4GB of memory from its internal storage to facilitate the multitasking process, through a feature called "RAM Plus". Make playing the game okay, open the app close quite tight, there are only a few disturbing parts.

This smartphone is aggressive enough to save power, resulting in notifications sometimes being delayed, both from the smartphone directly and to the smartwatch connection. You can set it up individually or dive into the battery feature a little to solve this problem. While for temperature use, quite awake, almost never hot.


Well, generally the Galaxy M series comes with a large battery capacity, even the previous generation there are up to 7,000 mAh. But because the body of the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G is thin and light, it certainly can't be that big. It is still larger than the A52, but in standard coverage, which is only 5,000 mAh only.

But make no mistake— thanks to a power-efficient chipset alloy plus optimal software, the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G can last up to a full day of intensive use, be it camera access to make it a personal hotspot. No need to worry about running out of battery before bedtime.

If the use is lighter, it can be lit up to two full days. The charging system also supports up to 25W, although the built-in charger is only 15W, so it must use an additional charger that can make it fully charged in the range of 75 minutes only.


Like the Galaxy A52s 5G that experienced downsizing, both figuratively to the true meaning. Samsung Galaxy M52 5G has a thin and light profile, very different from other Galaxy M series. Extra features like IP rating and stereo speakers will also not be found.

But at least, the essential features can be given well. Call it a quality screen, a camera suitable for lasting moments in a variety of conditions, fast performance and economical battery — although the capacity is "only" 5,000 mAh.

Smartphone Reviews, Samsung M52 5G 2021

The price of the Galaxy M52 5G is slightly above Rp5 million. But when you look at e-commerce, the selling price is less than Rp5 million. Suitable for those of you who are looking for an all-rounder device, especially from mainstream vendors such as Samsung.

Coming with a thin profile and a slightly smaller battery does not make the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G less viable - the battery.

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