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Smartphone reviews, Realme narzo 50A 2021

Realme narzo 50A review: Worthy of Being a Gaming Smartphone 2 Million Dream gamers!!

Smartphone reviews, Realme narzo 50A 2021

Earlier this November, 4 new products officially added to the realme family line-up, there are 3 smartphones and 1 smartwatch. One of them has now landed smoothly. Introduce this to the "realme narzo 50A", a third-generation smartphone coming from the planet Narzo.

When you get realme narzo 50A info landed, instantly if the curiosity to explore the new smartphone was so soaring. What are the technologies, as well as the surprises that realme implants in the narzo 50A? Let's explore together!!


Traces of exploration of the realme narzo 50A, beginning in terms of appearance. Honestly, in addition to the matter of technology, one of the factors that make you never get tired of using smartphones mixed realme, namely in terms of design.

According to him, realme is currently one of the consistent vendors, releasing smartphones with unique and classy designs.

Does the narzo 50A series continue the allure of realme from the design sector? The answer is yes. Physically, the realme look of the narzo 50A series seems ordinary.

However, the situation changes as the view moves around tracing the rear body of the narzo 50A series realme. Retaining the beauty of the previous series (narzo 30A), the realme narzo 50A rear body, comes with such an authentic diagonal pattern design.

At first glance the diagonal pattern, may make the visuals of the back body look unbalanced, but that's precisely where the beauty lies. The visual feeling of instability, and then the sense of imbalance, creates a "sense of motion", which will give us all a new visual impression.

This design uses a more free and personal vision, to express messages and emotions, making images more dynamic and more visually appealing. The back body itself, using matte material makes it not easily dirty.

Still in the back area, you will find a series of camera lenses neatly arranged in a box frame. In the same area, also embedded fingerprint sensor with a fairly unique laying. For the sides there are several buttons and standard ports.

Another thing that is felt when exploring the design of the realme narzo 50A, namely this smartphone is very comfortable to grip. Matte material with a touch of texture, adding grip that makes the body of this smartphone is not slippery when grasped.

Smartphone reviews, Realme narzo 50A 2021


Still from the physical side, now it's the turn of the face area that is trying to be in the ulik. The face of the narzo 50A realme, encrusted with a 6.5 center-striped wide screen with a ratio of 20:9. The screen size is wide, can not be separated from the position of the realme narzo 50A which targets gaming lovers.

Smartphone reviews, Realme narzo 50A 2021

The spacious screen, of course, makes gaming activities in the realme narzo 50A, become more comfortable. The screen itself is HD + resolution and carries a Mini-drop design. realme designed the narzo 50A realme screen with the latest technology, making the pony area less (30.9% compared to normal dewdrop bangs), and giving a Screen-to-body ratio of 88.7%.

All the compositions offered by realme in the screen sector, according to him, are very promising. Allows users to reduce visual distractions, while enjoying the comfort that a full screen brings by 6.5 inches.


Looking deeper into the realme narzo 50A, this smartphone comes in the middle of the competition with the slogan "Mighty Performance Inside". From the slogan, it is clear that the realme narzo 50A has a quality runway kitchen composition.

From the data obtained, he thinks it is natural that realme narzo 50A is confident, its performance can be superior to competitors at the same level. Just look at the runway kitchen commanded by Mediatek processor, Helio G85 series.

Helio G85 processor itself, currently known as one of the best gaming chipsets in its class. Therefore do not be surprised if the realme narzo 50A, making gaming capabilities, as one of its main allures.

As a processor intended for gaming, the Helio G85 managed to achieve a score of 200,000+ in AnTuTu Benchmark, which provides enough power for a seamless gaming experience.

Smartphone reviews, Realme narzo 50A 2021

Continue gaes. The Helio G85 processor features 2.0 GHz octa-core technology, complete with an ARM Mali-G52 GPU that can provide an exceptional gaming experience.

Not enough to get there, so that the performance is getting more gacor kitchen pacu smartphone, also equipped with RAM and large memory. realme narzo 50A comes in a choice of 4GB RAM + internal 64GB and 4GB RAM + internal 128GB, not to the outside slot microSD memory up to 256GB.

The slogan "Mighty Performance Inside", is very felt when moving this smartphone to play PUGB Mobile games. The performance of this smartphone is so smooth, lanjar jaya without lag. The graphics display is also satisfying, asiknya again this smartphone is also equipped with a menu "game space", making you more comfortable when completing missions.

Not only slick when playing games, when used as a work support device, multitasking ability realme narzo 50A is also so excellent. That said, the performance of the narzo 50A realme is so "a threat" to "champion" smartphones at its level.


realme narzo 50A does make gaming lovers, as the main target. But you should never doubt the quality of the realme narzo 50A, when used to capture various interesting moments, both photos and videos. When compared to the previous series (realme narzo 30A), the realme narzo 50A camera is much more powerful.

Smartphone reviews, Realme narzo 50A 2021

As a weapon capturing various interesting moments, realme narzo 50A has been embedded 3 lenses embedded in the back body. The realme narzo 50A main camera has a 50MP sensor with a large aperture of f/1.8. The composition of the main camera can capture enough light, so it is able to produce clearer and brighter camera shots.

This smartphone camera also has 10x Zoom capability, making you still able to produce clear photos even remotely. Narzo 50A's realme imaging capabilities are increasingly linked to B&W macro and optical lenses.

Smartphone reviews, Realme narzo 50A 2021

It's time to test the quality of the narzo 50A realme camera. Under normal light conditions, the 50MP lens makes a realme narzo 50A shot coming from the intermediate level, into a class move up to the premium segment. The quality of the photo is clear with colors that look real.

To add to the thrill of photography, the realme narzo 50A camera is available for a wide selection of pickup modes. One that steals the show, the ultra high resolution mode is 50MP. The 50MP ultra high resolution mode can provide incredible resolution.

According to him, 50MP Mode, is perfect for photographing large and dense urban buildings. Cool again, when the photo is enlarged to 50% or 100%, you can still see the details of the building miles away!

Not enough to get there, also detecting the ability of the narzo 50A realme camera to hunt for photos at night. Realme narzo 50A comes with two new Night Filters: Astral and Dazzle. If you use Astral mode, you can make the night scenery of the city into a magical science fiction world.

Smartphone reviews, Realme narzo 50A 2021

As for producing night photos with sparkling city lights, like contemporary photos, you can choose Dazzle mode. From the test results, both Night Filter modes, are able to produce night photos that are much more sparkly, dynamic and classy.

As for selfie purposes, realme narzo 50A embeds an 8MP camera on the front. The front camera of this smartphone, already equipped with AI Beauty, Portrait Mode, and other features, can make the photo very special and stand out!

Regarding the ability to capture moving images, the video quality of the narzo narzo 50A is fairly good, more than enough to compete with competitors at the same level. Realme narzo 50A is capable of recording video with a maximum resolution of 1080P/30fps. This smartphone can also record slo-mo video with a resolution of 720P / 120fps.

Classy Additional Features

Available on Shopee, and melaku, on realme narzo 50A comes with a realme platform UI 2.0 based on Android 11. The appearance of the interface is fairly simple, but still interesting and most importantly easy to use. realme UI 2.0 comes with a variety of typical menus, making you feel at home in this smartphone for a long time.

In addition to the typical menu built-in realme platform UI 2.0, this smartphone security facility is also qualified. realme narzo 50A is supported with fingerprint lock security. The fingerprint sensor is on the back body. The placement of its own fingerprint sensor, fairly artistic makes the look of this smartphone more fresh to look at.

Still a matter of security, realme narzo 50A also comes with facial recognition features, plus additional jelly cases contained in the purchase package. Another thing to know, realme narzo 50A comes with 3 card slots, where two for SIM cards and one SD card.


About durability, becomes another crucial thing that makes, the allure of narzo 50A reality is increasing. The realme narzo 50A has a 6000mAh jumbo battery. Based on realme lab testing, the realme narzo 50A can last for 53 days in standby mode, much better than the flagship smartphone.

The presence of several additional menus, also makes the battery life of realme narzo 50A, can last even longer. Call it the "App Quick Freeze" facility, this feature can intelligently stop rarely used applications.

If it takes a longer battery life, you can enable "Save Power" mode, this feature will lower the screen brightness, shorten the automatic screen off time to 15 seconds, and disable background synchronization to extend battery life.

There is also a "Super Power Saving" feature, in this mode users can choose the 6 most frequently used apps, in order to stay active to achieve a longer battery life. At the same time, smartphones will enable more aggressive power-saving strategies.

During normal use tests, realme narzo 50A can last more than one day. Well, when the power saver menu on this smartphone is active, imagine how the battery life of realme narzo 50A.

Another thing to note, it doesn't take long to charge the 6000 mAh battery that the realme narzo 50A has. Because the latest hero from the planet Narzo, already equipped with 18W fast charging technology.


Smartphone reviews, Realme narzo 50A 2021

Not only embedding a new name, as the third generation of the narzo family, realme narzo 50A brings a lot of refreshment. The design, camera, to a more powerful runway kitchen, are some of the refreshes offered by realme narzo 50A compared to the previous type. From the test results, all the new technologies work very well.

Examples of performance problems, such as the previous generation realme narzo 50A is also plot as a gaming smartphone. Well, the realme decision to embed the Helio G85 chipset is very appropriate. Helio G85 chipset supported by other technology in the kitchen runway sector, making realme narzo 50A performance above average, gaming smartphones in its class.

Imaging features that are now equipped with a 50MP main lens, are also able to provide a high-end photography experience. Moreover, realme always has a way to give a classy appearance for every smartphone developed, not least realme narzo 50A. For other features, there is no doubt about it.

All the capital owned by the narzo 50A realme series, according to him, makes this smartphone is worthy of being positioned by realme as "The Best Gaming Experience in Rp 2 Million"

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