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Smartphone Reviews, Realme C25Y 2021

Realme C25Y review: Worthy of Being HP Entry Level Dream this year!!!!

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C25Y 2021

The latest two hp officially introduced realme, namely realme 8i and C25Y. Of the two phones, the realme C25Y. Carrying the slogan "50MP AI Camera", how fast does the C25Y realme pamper consumers in the country with its superior technology? Here's the full review.


To heat the engine, exploration is of course at the beginning of the design sector. Honestly never doubt the concept of hp design carried by realme. Because so far realme is fairly has a "class", often designing the latest hp design.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C25Y 2021

The above condition was also felt, when first staring at the C25Y realme. The appearance of the face is indeed ordinary, where embedded the screen with the front camera on the top side. But when the view is shifted to the back body, it looks like how slick the C25Y realme looks.

The rear body cover of the C25Y realme, comes with a neatly arranged vertical stripe motif. This was the first time realme adopted an aesthetic line design, which visualized the abstract aesthetic of the line and presented an arrangement of "lines" as well as "textured surfaces".

realme C25Y is available in 2 interesting colors: Glacier Blue and Metal Grey. In this test got a unit with the color "Glacier Blue". When explored, the touch of blue gradation is so visible when the rear body is exposed to light, adding a luxurious impression to the look of the C25Y realme.

In this back area you will also find several camera lenses neatly arranged in a box frame. The presence of the realme logo on the edge of the rear body, adds sweetness to the look of this phone. Not to be missed in the same area, close to the camera lens you will find a fingerprint sensor.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C25Y 2021

Although it has a shiny rear body, this phone is not slippery when grasped. This certainly adds value plus the design of the realme C25Y, because currently many hp design kece with a shiny body, but slippery when grasped.

Physically the C25Y realme body is proportional, fit in the hand, mantab when in handheld, the thin body also makes this phone does not interfere with activity when placed in a pants pocket. In general, although coming from the entry level class, the realme C29Y still looks luxurious worthy of premium hp.


The machine is slowly getting hot sob!! Touching the screen area, if you decide to choose the realme C25Y as a new phone at the end of the year, you will be spoiled by a 6.5-inch display. In terms of size, a 6.5-inch screen is more than enough to spoil the eye view.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C25Y 2021

The screen has a contemporary design with a mini drop concept. Although there are still a few bangs, the realme can still present a wide field of view. Where the screen-to-body ratio reaches 88.7%. The screen itself has a resolution of 1600*720 pixels.

In terms of the composition of the C25Y realme screen sold at Shopee, I'm not very fancy and, but you don't doubt the quality. When GadgetSquad tests by watching HD quality streaming, the images presented still look slick. The field of view is wide, also keeps the eyes comfortable staring at the C25Y realme screen for a long time.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme C25Y 2021

The heating is quite euy, it's time to plug the gas. In accordance with the slogan, "50MP AI Camera", it is certain that the imaging sector is one of the main features carried by the C25Y realme, to speed up to tempt consumers, especially in the entry level segment.

The realme C25Y is the first model in the C series to be equipped with a 50MP camera, so it can issue large pixel photos up to 8160×6144, featuring more detail. The presence of a 50MP camera, claimed to make this phone produce photos with clearer and more vivid image quality.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C25Y 2021

Equipping the 50MP camera, the C25Y realme imaging menu weapon is equipped with Macro lenses and B&W optics. No matter day or night, the configuration of three cameras on the C25Y realme, it can help users capture moments and store them so they can be remembered back at any time.

Referring to existing data, to fight in the entry level segment, it must be recognized that the composition of the camera owned by the C25Y realme is fairly luxurious. But what about the photos, is it as luxurious as the specifications carried?

Not many obstacles are encountered, when hunting for photos using a C25Y realme camera in normal light conditions, both indoors and outdoors. The results of the photo are satisfactory, the image is fairly sharp, clear, does not see over exposure.

While when tested capturing moments with limited light conditions, the results of this latest C series retainer fall into the category of good. In low light conditions, it looks right how the 50MP lens capability, in producing quality images.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C25Y 2021

Macro and B&W lens support, gives its own pluses that make you more creative, in capturing various interesting moments. A few tips when taking macro photos, for maximum results the focal distance should be in a radius of 4CM.

Another thing that should not be forgotten, this phone is also ready to spoil selfie lovers. For selfie lovers, on the front there is an 8MP camera. The quality of the C25Y realme selfie is classy. The camera also supports AI Beauty Function, HDR Mode, Portrait Mode, and so on. Overall, make your selfies even more stunning.


The problem of performance is very dependent on the runway kitchen carried, including the performance of the C25Y realme. Based on the specifications obtained, the C25Y series runway kitchen is powered by a powerful 12nm octa-core 12nm UNISOC T610 processor.

Unisoc T610's new octa-core 4G mobile platform, adopts the Arm DynamIQ architectural design. The self-developed fifth-generation Vivimagic Solution image engine, and high-quality display processing technology, deliver a high-quality experience for every C25Y realme user.

The runway kitchen also has CPU support: 2× ARM Cortex-A75 1.8GHz, 6× Cortex-A55 1.8GHz, and GPU: ARM Mali-G52. While the memory, embedded 4GB RAM with 64GB internal, plus external slot up to 256GB. During the C25Y realme exploration process, GadgetSquad did not experience many obstacles.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme C25Y 2021

The performance of the phone that works with the Android 11 platform, is quite satisfactory. Even when tested for a mobile PUGB game (in a standard setting) that is known to be quite draining performance, this hp maneuver is still satisfactory. In general, the performance of the C25Y series, it does not disappoint to speed with competitors at the same level.

In the interface section, realme C25Y uses realme UI R Edition. It's similar to the realme UI Go Edition that's inspired by the pure Android look. This interface is fairly light and suitable to be applied in realme C25Y which is in the entry-level class of two million.


realme sets high standards for every product produced, including the C25Y series. Every realme phone passes a rigorous quality test to give you the best experience possible. realme C25Y obtained TÜV Rheinland High Reliability Certification.

TÜV Rheinland focuses on safety and quality in almost all areas of business and life. Since 2006, TÜV Rheinland has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact to promote sustainability and fight corruption.

Rheinland's TÜV certification contains 23 main tests, including 10 Daily Use Test Scenarios, such as falls, overuse, and pressure. Extreme environmental test scenarios, such as super high and low temperatures, high and low humidity, voltage fluctuations, button life, static electricity, air pressure.

And 6 Component Reliability Test Scenarios. Overall, most of the TÜV Smartphone High Reliability Certification testing conditions are based on the smartphone's three-year life cycle. As a result, the realme C25Y managed to pass the test standard, this is certainly a plus compared to competitors.


Realme claims, the C25Y series can be your tandem to produce a variety of classy photo content with a 50MP camera, including loyal friends through various activities, without having to fear running out of battery in the middle of the activity.

Realme confidence, can not be separated from the quality of energy sources carried by C25Y. Hp dual sim card, comes with a large capacity battery, which is 5000 mAh. According to realme Lab testing, the realme C25Y can last 48 days in standby mode, even better than some other flagship smartphones.

During the tests carried out it can be said that the C25Y realme battery is indeed fairly durable. During normal use, running a variety of activities ranging from entertainment, to work purposes, the C25Y realme battery can last more than one day.

Another thing to note, this entry-level phone adopts the 18 watt fast charging method, through the charger adapter and the included micro USB cable. With OTG reverse charging, the realme C25Y can also save your battery life.

Coupled with Super Power Saving Mode, where users can choose 6 applications that want to be used when starting to worry about battery presentation but have not found a power source. In this mode, the C25Y realme will aggressively shift the power source to six apps already selected by the user. Relax, you can still WhatsApp and explore Instagram in this mode. As long as the important application you have entered in the list.


Smartphone Reviews, Realme C25Y 2021

Realme's decision to position the C25Y realme, as the "Best Entry-Level Smartphone for Your Daily Life", is not excessive. realme C25Y does have all the elements that novice users are looking for, to pass through daily activities calmly.

Not only complete, the features carried by this phone also have above average performance, competitors in its class. Starting from a 50MP camera, long battery life, to a luxurious design like a flagship phone. So for those of you who this new year are looking for an entry level hp, realme C25Y deserves to be one of the main targets.

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