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Smartphone Reviews, Realme 8 Pro 2021

 Realme 8 Pro review: Confident with 108MP

Smartphone Reviews, Realme 8 Pro 2021

Smartphone series numbers are again presented realme through realme 8 series devices to the Indonesian market complete with a series of new features offered to fans in the country.

Through the new features and design of smartphones that realme presents as if increasingly confident in presenting its superior products.

Having DNA as a device with camera capabilities as its main selling point, realme 8 Pro offers excitement in creating a picture content using only a smartphone device.

Because it favors the camera sector on the device, this realme 8 Pro review will be filled with reviews about the photography capabilities on this device.

However, because this device has a new design that is quite charming, then I will review it first before we get into the device performance sector.

Realme 8 Pro review: Design

Smartphone Reviews, Realme 8 Pro 2021

One of the significant differences in the design of the realme 8 Pro is in terms of design. In this latest smartphone series of numbers realme seems to be more confident by displaying the slogan Dare to Leap on the back body of the device.

This design is referred to as Infinite Bold Design, which demonstrates the company's unique understanding of trendsetting design and display capabilities and the spirit of the Dare to Leap brand.

Not only displays the slogan Dare to Leap in a big way, the beautiful colors presented by realme 8 Pro is also one of the advantages of this device design. The color of the device I reviewed was named space black.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme 8 Pro 2021

If you look at the details, on the back body of this device you will see small solid grains resembling stars that make us seem to hold the starry sky when grasping this device.

To make the rear body is realme using AG-Crystal processing technology by enlarging and brightening small granules, carving micro textures with a polyhedral prismatic shape on spherical grains with 3D laser engraving technology.

The conventional AG process is usually done by coating the back cover and tapping into countless small granules with a spherical shape, to achieve a matte effect. But realme does the opposite process to present such a beautiful design.

Realme 8 Pro has a very slim body and is also lightweight with a weight of 176g and a thickness of 8.1mm. Most smartphones today weigh more than 200g. although light and thin, the realme 8 Pro does not seem frail.

Realme 8 Pro Camera Review

Smartphone Reviews, Realme 8 Pro 2021

realme 8 Pro brings a series of photographic features that make the shooting experience limitless. In fact, some of them are the first photographic features in the world introduced realme.

This device becomes the first realme smartphone equipped with a 108MP camera. The main camera adopts a third-generation Samsung ISOCELL HM2 sensor with an extra-large 1/1.52-inch sensor and a maximum resolution of 12000×9000.

In addition to the large pixelated main camera, this smartphone also has a wide-angle lens with a resolution of 8MP with an apertur f / 2.25 and a field of view of 119 °. There is also a 2MP monochrome lens that helps the main lens capture light better, increases image contrast, creates retro-style images, and adds texture to portraits. Complementing the other three lenses, there is a 2MP ultra macro lens.

For selfie needs, the realme 8 Pro front camera has a capacity of 16MP which comes with AI Beauty, Portrait Mode, and Super Nightscape to ensure every selfie looks perfect.

That's all the technical specifications offered by realme 8 Pro, what about the features and photos that are capable of being produced?

Most recently, this realme 8 Pro camera offers Dynamic bokeh and Neon Portrait features. With the Dynamic Bokeh feature we can produce bokeh photos with a dynamic background. In photographic engineering, the resulting image is similar to the panning technique.

This feature can only be used for human objects, because if the object photographed is not human then the entire image will become a blur. Whereas if it can be used on other objects such as cars or motorcycles we will be able to make it seem as if the vehicle is moving fast.

The bokeh image produced by this feature in my opinion is almost perfect, human objects can be neatly cut with a background made blur.

To produce artistic bokeh photos with a background of lights, realme provides Neon Portrait feature on this realme 8 Pro device.

In this device realme also presents an enhanced second generation Starry Mode mode. In addition to photos, this mode can now be used for moving shooting (video) directly from the smartphone. This ability is claimed by Realme as the first in the world.

For the first feature in the world, realme presents a Tilt Shit mode that can turn the real world into a miniature world, using a kind of optical illusion of the human eye.

When we stare at objects very close to us, the foreground and background are usually out of focus. If we add the right blur effect to such images, our brains think we are looking at miniature landscapes.

Tilt-shift mode also allows us to manually adjust the shape, angle, position, and size of the blur effect. The trick is quite easy, just easy to choose and adjust the blur effect to suit the scenery. Tilt-shift mode also supports time-lapse video recording with 10x playback, presenting the real world in a more fantastic and unique way.

Usually to produce tit-shift photos require its own lens and tilt-shift lens is expensive. Well realme presents tilt-shift technology directly in realme 8 Pro, complete with time-lapse video that does not need to use editing applications anymore.

For vloggers, the realme 8 Pro camera now supports the use of dual view video mode that allows users to record from the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme 8 Pro 2021

Smartphone Reviews, Realme 8 Pro 2021

Realme 8 Pro Performance Review

Now we turn to this kitchen pacu device. For innards, realme 8 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 720G equipped with Kryo 465 CPU with two high-performance Cortex-A76 cores up to 2.3GHz and six cortex-A55 cores high efficiency up to 1.8GHz, along with the new Adreno 618 GPU, which is the same as snapdragon 730G.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme 8 Pro 2021

Compared to the previous generation, the Snapdragon 720G has a 10% improvement in CPU performance, a 75% improvement in GPU and Display performance.

Based on the results of measurements using the AnTuTu Benchmark application and also Geekbench 5, the score obtained by realme 8 Pro is as follows:

To support the performance of the device, the realme 8 Pro is equipped with a 4500mAh battery with 50W SuperDart Charge fast charging. The battery can be fully charged 100% in 47 minutes. If in a hurry, the fast charging is able to charge almost 50% of the power within 17 minutes.

Utilizing high voltage charging pump technology, the 50W SuperDart Charge embodies 97% charging power efficiency and supports 5-Dimensional Charging Protection.

Coupled with the Snapdragon 720G 8nm low power consumption and Super AMOLED Display, we'll be able to use this phone all day.

Smartphone Reviews, Realme 8 Pro 2021

realme also prepares battery optimization responses for background task management, late-night standby, and even weak battery scenarios. Despite the 5% battery level, the realme 8 Pro will remain on standby for 32 hours.

realme 8 Pro has a large memory variant of 8GB + 128GB which also comes with a 3 card slot for two SIM cards and one SD card (up to 256GB).


realme 8 Pro uses the Android 11 operating system with a faster, smoother, and more secure realme UI 2.0 interface. One of the most customizable and seamless OSes on the market is made for a highly personalized experience.

Ease of customization becomes one of the main selling points of realme UI 2.0. The interface supports more than 100 customizable items. These include Global Theme Colors, 3 Dark Mode Styles, Icon Customization and many more interesting and useful features.

For the security of its users' data, realme UI 2.0 now provides payment protection, an app permission monitoring system, fake site blocking, and access to Android 11 security features. With all these features, we can share creativity without worrying about personal data protection and privacy.

Using fluid engines, realme UI 2.0 has increased the speed at which opening applications featuring AI pre-launch methods has shortened the time by 23.63% for app launches.

Other features

realme 8 Pro supports High Resolution Audio Certification to ensure a high-quality audiovisual experience. Complementing the digital lifestyle, realme 8 Pro provides a dedicated NFC connection for the Indonesian market to connect with Bluetooth speakers and other supporting accessories. The use of NFC can also be maximized to check and replenish your electronic money balance using a third-party supporting application.


After trying realme 8 Pro for a week, I concluded that realme 8 Pro is the answer from realme to bring something new that smartphone lovers want. Judging from the amount of camera resolution, camera features, light weight, screen panel, processor performance, fast charging and nfc embedded, realme 8 Pro deserves strong consideration in the price segment of 4 million.

If you look at the one-on-one components should be present in the flagship class, but realme brings all the components of the flagship class to the middle price. It seems like realme really listens to input from smartphone users and fans in presenting a smartphone.

What's more, reportedly realme has an additional warranty for the realme 8 Pro. The additional 6 months warranty and additional protection for the screen I think makes prospective users feel more comfortable. 

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