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Smartphone Reviews, Oppo Reno5 F 2021

 Oppo reno5 F review: Full-feature saving price

Smartphone Reviews, Oppo Reno5 F 2021

Oppo finally completed its mid-range series with the launch of the Oppo Reno5 F recently. This new phone made by Oppo offers interesting and qualified specifications for the middle class smartphone category.

Oppo Reno5 F has the jargon 'Picture Life in Speed' is deliberately designed to meet the needs of young people for today's technology. This smartphone becomes a saving package for those who want to feel a number of reno series-style features, but at a price of Rp4 million.

Starting from the existence of various interesting new camera features, to elegant design flowlight design with trendy and fashionable colors presented in this smartphone.

Unboxing Oppo Reno5 F

Smartphone Reviews, Oppo Reno5 F 2021

The Oppo Reno5 F packaging box is not much different from the other Reno5 series, is green, and reads "Oppo Reno5 F. Inside the packaging box is a short guidebook, warranty, 30W charger, USB-A to USB-C cable, earphones and transparent jelly case that will protect and provide extra grip.


Reno5 F packs a 6.43-inch AMOLED panel with FHD+ resolution in 20:9 aspect ratio and has a single punch-hole in the top left corner to insert a 32MP front camera. The screen-to-body ratio is 90.8%, but the refresh rate support is limited to 60Hz.

Reno5 F has the lowest refresh rate among the three. While the other two models, Reno5 and Reno5 5G, have a refresh rate of 90 Hz with a touch sampling rate of 180 Hz. This refresh plays a role to support a more optimal screen experience, especially when playing games or scrolling (scrolling) the screen. The higher the refresh rate, scrolling the screen will be smoother and minimal delay.

Reno5 F screen with All-day AI Eye Comfort with a combination of Sunlight Screen and Moonlight Screen features. Also, it has 4,096 brightness levels to reduce the effects of eye fatigue when using a smartphone for a long time.

Sunlight Screen will increase screen visibility which makes it easier for users to see content clearly during the day even under the hot sun. While at night, moonlight screen will automatically dim the screen by setting the lowest brightness at 2 nits, with lower brightness and color temperature, making the screen feel softer in the eyes.

In addition, the AI Backlight feature will automatically adjust the backlight settings throughout the day by studying user patterns and habits in manually adjusting brightness in different lighting conditions.


Oppo Reno5 F main camera is supported by 48MP Quad Camera, which features an 8MP wide angle camera, 2MP macro camera and 2MP mono camera. In addition, Oppo also equipped its front camera with a resolution of 32MP to capture selfies better. Oppo Reno5 F presents a camera that can capture images by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence. In addition, embedded also some interesting camera features include:

-AI Color Portrait

This feature presents a new perspective on smartphone photography and videography by making the subject of the photo stand out more with color isolation games.

-Dynamic Bokeh

Add a bokeh effect that stretches light into dynamic moving lines, while blurring background details. The subject of the photo will be optimized with a low-light HDR algorithm and color adjustments to stand out.

-AI Beautification 2.0

It is on the front camera by presenting special beauty features that are tailored by the preferences of local users in Indonesia and automatically detect existing makeup such as lipstick, then display effects tailored to the face.

Oppo Reno5 F also inherited the photography and videography features that characterize the Reno series line these days, such as Dual-view Video, Monochrome Video, AI Scene Enhancement, and Night Flare Portrait.

Smartphone Reviews, Oppo Reno5 F 2021

If viewed, both the rear camera and the front camera oppo Reno5 F has no obstacles to capture the moment in daytime conditions. The resulting color looks natural, detailed and dynamic range is spacious. It is also able to produce neat bokeh photos, characterized by the borders of photo objects that do not blend in with the background.

Fortunately, the results of night camera photos can be helped by the Night Mode feature. This feature is highly recommended to capture photos when lacking light.

Here's a photo using the Oppo Reno5 F camera

The first photo takes the object of a coffee cup indoors during the day with sufficient lighting. The resulting image is detailed, with normal colors. We don't use any effects relying solely on photo mode.

Smartphone Reviews, Oppo Reno5 F 2021

The next photo is to take pictures at night. Less light night conditions can sometimes make the results of photos look out of focus, shaking or swaying, blur alias shaded, even look a lot of noise or spots. We also tried to take photos at night with oppo Reno5 F.

The photo below we shoot does not use night mode, from the results there is indeed a blur object, but the image is not dark and quite detailed. Because the writing on the other hand can still be read quite clearly.

Smartphone Reviews, Oppo Reno5 F 2021


Oppo Reno5 F uses MediaTek Helio P95, Oppo Reno5 F paired 8GB RAM with 128GB internal storage that can be expanded up to 256GB using MicroSD.

The Oppo Reno5 F also comes with a System Performance Optimizer, oppo's self-development technology to offer ten optimization features and ensure that the phone runs smoothly without being slow if used for a longer period of time.

The Idle Time Optimizer feature, for example, can recognize when the phone is not in use or charged, will automatically optimize resources by cleaning up junk, fragmenting storage, cleaning memory and much more. When storage is running low, the Storage Optimizer feature will tell users to delete or move data to the cloud to provide free space. Meanwhile, the First 3.0 UI feature ensures that the most widely used applications will take priority to ensure they run at optimal performance.


Oppo Reno5 F carries a 4310mAh battery with 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0.30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 technology can be relied upon to charge the Oppo Reno5 F quickly. As an illustration, a 5-minute charge will allow users to watch YouTube for 2.9 hours.

The presence of the battery offered reno5 F users can play online video for 16 hours just by charging. Various technologies present complement oppo Reno5 F especially to provide a longer usage time. Among them include:

Smart Power Saving, which offers several power-saving models to keep phones powered and operating even in critical condition.

Super Power Saving Mode, which will save battery life by reducing CPU frequency, lowering the brightness of the phone and more, so that the battery condition of 5% can be used for various activities such as calling, sending SMS, or using navigation applications.

Super Nighttime Standby, which identifies and adjusts to bedtime routines to ensure the battery is only reduced by 2%.

Battery Guard, for charging at night and preventing overcharging.

Advantages of ColorOS 11 Operating System

Through the ColorOS 11 operating system, Oppo Reno5 F also offers various advantages on the productivity side through the Android 11-based operating system. Nearby Sharing, which allows users to quickly share documents with other Oppi users around them.

Three-finger Translate, in collaboration with Google Lens, works to capture screen performance and instantly translate the content. Oppo Reno5 F also offers various security and privacy features, namely Private Safe. This feature is capable of solutions for users who often lose devices.

Through Private Safe, users can access HeyTap Cloud to retrieve their personal data from lost devices. If users often lend mobile phones to family and friends, then various existing content and applications can be protected so as not to be accessed easily by borrowers.

With App Lock, users will have full control over apps that can or cannot be accessed by other users. If the device is connected to a projector or TV screen often unwanted things appear on the screen such as private messages.

Screencast Privacy Shield will limit notification notifications and messages, this feature can also filter messages that should not be displayed on the screen.

Smartphone Reviews, Oppo Reno5 F 2021

Sleek Look

Oppo Reno5 F is designed very slim with a body thickness of 7.8 mm and a weight of only 172 g. This device is made by maximizing the latest design, the battery cover has a 3D design that curves, giving the impression of thin and modern.

This battery cover has a thickness of 0.55 mm, while the screen dissipates heat through the presence of graphite plates as thin as 0.1 mm. The power resistance of the Oppo Reno5 F is enhanced by optimizing motherboard components and strengthening structural component protectors.

Oppo also uses composite panels that add a higher level of transparency comparable to glass, but manages to display a complex matte texture, in a glossy, glare-free cross-section.


Although it has the lowest rate between Reno5 and Reno5 5G, but with a cheaper price Reno5 F can be relied upon to meet the needs of young people for today's technology, such as photos, video and games.

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