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Smartphone Reviews, Oppo Reno 4 F 2021

Oppo completes the reno4 family by presenting the reno4 F series for its users in Indonesia.

This series is the reno4 series that costs the most but becomes the most stylish smartphone. Oppo also associates the letter F on this device with the word fashionable.

The element of Fashion on this reno4 F smartphone according to Oppo lies in the design and coloring it presents.

Let's just review reno4 F is why it is called a fashionable and thin device.

Smartphone Reviews, Oppo Reno 4 F 2021

Review Oppo Reno4 F   

Oppo Reno4 F Design Review

Smartphone Reviews, Oppo Reno 4 F 2021

Design discussions are likely to be the main focus of the review of the device from Oppo reno4 F.

Oppo Reno 4 F carries Ultra Slim Design with a thickness of only 7.48mm which is as light as 164g. This super thin design becomes one of the characteristics of Reno 4 F among the reno 4 family.

Even so, Oppo still pinned one of the important ornaments, namely the 3.5mm audio jack hole. In fact, usually with a sleek design many smartphone vendors eliminate it.

Reno 4 F is quite comfortable when grasped because this device has a design on each side has an angle of 220 degrees. Makes it feel right when held.

For the color of the erangkat that I reviewed oppo named it quite simply, only white no other frills.

However, the white color on this device is able to cause reflections that make this device sometimes look like a tosca color. The center of the reflection itself is on the rear camera module.

Speaking of rear camera modules, Oppo reno4 F carries module 4 main camera in the shape of a quadrangular.

The design of the rear camera module is what I think is the secret why this device can be so thin.

This camera module is injected above the surface of the rear body of the reno4 F. The first arrangement is a rectangular module as the home of four cameras. The second line-up is the four cameras themselves.

Although it looks like the camera module is like being outside the smartphone but does not eliminate the aesthetic element. I think the design looks sweet.

For its display, the reno4 F adopts a 16.34cm Super AMOLED Display with Dual Punch Hole that is home to both 16 Megapixel and 2 Megapixel cameras.

With a screen-to-body ratio of 90.07%, the Reno 4 F display carries In-display Fingerprint Unlock 3.0.

Invited to watch videos or play Reno4 F screen games is very comfortable in the eyes.

The security system is able to open the screen in just 0.3 seconds. Reno 4 F has also been certified by TuV Rheinland and Corning Gorilla Glass 3+ protection.


Smartphone Reviews, Oppo Reno 4 F 2021

The new members of the Reno 4 series line also outperform the photography sector, especially with the AI capabilities it brings.

These capabilities are in the form of photography features, which include AI potrait Color, AI Super Night Potrait, AI Night Flare, Dual Lens Bokeh, AI Super Clear Potrait, and Ultra Steady to support video recording mode for the better.

In other words, although it is the most affordable series, Oppo does not reduce the photography features on this reno4 F device. Especially the AI Color portrait feature is also still available on this device.

With the AI Color Portrait feature we can produce images on a black and white background but the targeted human object remains colored.

Quad Camera configuration with 48MP main lens, 8MP wide angle camera, and 2 mono lenses each 2MP also complements the ability of photography to be more maximal.

Oppo Reno4 F camera is able to produce sharp enough images with sufficient brightness even though it uses automatic mde. So for those who are not so master of the photography of Oppo Reno4 F can be relied upon.

On the front of the Reno4 F carries a dual selfie camera, which has a capacity of 8MP and 2MP, respectively.

With the depth camera on the reno4 F front camera, we can produce sharp bokeh selfie photos.


For the runway kitchen sector, rely on the Helio P95 processor with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. This device runs Oppo's ColorOS 7.2-coated Android 10 system which is rich in cool features.

The combination of processor and RAM on this device makes Reno4 F usable to play games such as mobile Legends on high graphics settings and fast multi tasking.

Moreover, Oppo also provides Game Space features that are able to maximize the device when used to play games.

To improve the performance of this device I use benchmark applications such as GPU Mark, Geekbench and 3D Mark.

Reno4 F performance is also supported by a 4000mAh battery equipped with 18W charging. In tests, this device can be charged from 9% to 100% in just about 1.5 hours.

For normal use, oppo Reno4 F can accompany me on the move for approximately 6 hours. I use it to play games, social media and watch videos.


Despite being the most affordable Reno4 series, based on the results of the review, reno4 F has features and specifications that are not cheap.

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