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Smartphone Reviews, iPhone 12 mini 2021

iPhone 12 mini review: The Little Cayenne Pepper That's Been Down in Price

Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 12 mini 2021

If you can be honest, when Apple first inaugurated the iPhone 12 series line at the end of November 2020 yesterday, the iPhone 12 mini was the series I wanted the most. More curious, anyway, Finally Apple presents the right option for those who use old iPhones.

Indeed, the smartphone trend today is all big screen. And there is a certain reason for iPhone 6/7/8/SE users not to change to a new iPhone, because they still want to use a smartphone that can be used comfortably with one hand. Until finally the iPhone 12 mini was released, the euphoria of the compact flagship smartphone went up.

Although in the end, only limited to that, because apple's prediction that thinks the iPhone 12 mini will sell out did not happen. The price dropped quite significantly, until finally the iPhone 13 series was inaugurated, the price has reached Rp10 million at the end of 2021 — even cheaper with e-commerce promos.

And it wasn't until late 2021 that I had the opportunity to try out the first smallest "full screen" smartphone from Apple. Is the battery wasteful? yes, it's true. But the iPhone 12 mini is still fun for everyday use. Here's the full impression.


Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 12 mini 2021

After many times holding a large screen Android smartphone and iPhone 13 Pro, switching to the iPhone 12 mini feels a lot of fun. It's so small! The dimensions are even slightly smaller than the iPhone 7, weighing 135 grams aka 3 grams lighter. Bener deh, like a toy that can turn on.

Small, but premium. The rear windshield material plus aluminum frame feels rigid — for two weeks of use without a case, there is no fine beret appearance of either the windshield or the back. It is also IP68 certified, so it is safe to be exposed to water occasionally. And what about the sharp angle?

Precisely in my opinion, the side made flat actually adds grip, making the iPhone 12 mini not slippery other than because of its small dimensions, so it is easier to grip. If you are still afraid, do not worry, because there are so many choices of funny cases in e-commerce. Ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

The type of accessories is now more diverse, because the iPhone 12 mini includes an iPhone that supports MagSafe features. One of my favorites is a card wallet that can also serve as a standing grip, so it can be placed on the table in a standing position. Or other accessories that can be paired only with a practical magnetic mechanism.


Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 12 mini 2021

Although the body is small, the iPhone 12 mini can still have a screen that is in diameter, quite significantly larger than the old iPhone, reaching 5.4 inches. Of course thanks to its evenly thin bezel, including the bottom. Full HD+ resolution with pixel density reaches 476ppi. And it can light up to 625 nits.

In quality, it is equivalent to the 2021 flagship though. The color is gonjreng but still accurate, plus classified as responsive. What slightly needs habituation is the notch section above which, because the screen is small, so it looks very large notch. The information displayed becomes more limited.

Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 12 mini 2021

The small screen dimensions do not make it rare for me to watch YouTube content from the iPhone 12 mini. But it depends on each person, yes. Because there are also those who switch to the iPhone 11 Pro after feeling too small, because they have a habit to watch YouTube while scrolling video comments, or somewhat limited when looking at Excel sheets.


Looking for a smartphone with a camera suitable for photos and videos? The iPhone 12 mini could be one of the best. Want to use wide camera sensors, ultra wide-angle to the front camera, morning at night, everything can produce good quality and flagship-grade. Well minus the most uncensored telephoto.

Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 12 mini 2021

Using the iPhone 12 mini camera feels similar to the Galaxy Z Flip3. It's not the best of the best, but it feels good to be able to produce high-quality photos from a device whose dimensions are very compact. It's not just photos, including videos. Very stable even at 4K resolution of 60fps though.

The full photo of the iPhone 12 mini camera can be accessed in the following album. 

Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 12 mini 2021

Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 12 mini 2021

In addition to being without telephoto, the shooting of the portrait is also limited, because mostly the object must be a little further away. Especially the rear camera, yes, if the front camera is okay considering utilizing the Face ID sensor. So that the background separation looks quite natural.


In addition to MagSafe, what I think is interesting about the iPhone 12 mini is its stereo speaker setup. Again, the device is small, huh. But its sound output can sound just as loud or even louder than the iPhone 11, balanced from both the earpiece and the speaker underneath. So it's still good for music without earphones.

Running iOS 15, Apple is not like Google which gives the option to adjust the display size, only text size can be reduced. Some of the widgets I installed, the writing was slightly cut. The space becomes more limited, automatically must be more scrolled when reading news or content dominated by text.

For Face ID, it is equally instant when compared to the previous generation. It's just that I feel from a certain tilt angle, more often successful than the iPhone 11. You can also fill in flazz or other e-money card balances, because the iPhone 12 mini is also supported by NFC sensors.


For the record, I tried the iPhone 12 mini right after the iPhone 13 Pro. Do I feel like the performance is down? Absolutely not. Because indeed the Apple A14 Bionic chip is still very fast for today's flagship standards. Both for the speed of opening the app close, multitasking and gaming capabilities.

Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 12 mini 2021

Well, but there's a special note that maybe Gizmo friends have also heard. Due to its small physical dimensions, the body temperature feels easily warm and heats more often. Use hotspots? Hot. Playing games with mobile data in outdoor area cafes? Heat as well, until the maximum screen brightness is lowered so as not to overheat.

Video calls via Google Duo in the taxi also felt hot. Not until the temperature notification appears, indeed, but so it is not safe. If continued will still be the way, but certainly not good for battery life in the future. So its use should be more "careful". In addition to temperature, what must be considered is the battery life.


This part is arguably the determinant of whether or not the iPhone 12 mini for Gizmo friends. Indeed, the battery capacity of the iPhone can not be compared to Android, but 2,227 mAh is indeed very, very small and affects daily usage.

In my hands, the iPhone 12 mini already needs to be charged in the afternoon - evening, can never last a full day unless it is without access to games, cameras, or more often use Wi-Fi. The rest, I finally felt there was a point in the powerbank that I was carrying everywhere. Even more wasteful than the Galaxy Z Flip though.

But honestly, I thought it would be more wasteful than this, it wasn't as bad as the iPhone 7 or what people were heralding. The charging process also feels very fast because of its small capacity, so it is full quickly through a maximum current of 20W.

Smartphone Reviews, IPhone 12 mini 2021


I personally do have more interest in small smartphones that can provide the complete and best experience on the same flagship, and the iPhone 12 mini is one of the few options on the market today. Although the battery situation above is quite negative, I am willing to take and use the powerbank everywhere, because the other parts are comfortable.

In addition to the battery, what needs to be considered from the iPhone 12 mini is the body temperature that is more easily hot than other series, or the dimensions of the screen that certainly interfere or not depend on personal use of each. With the price that has dropped, this smartphone actually becomes more attractive and worth buying.

If you want a more economical battery, the iPhone 13 mini review that has been widely published mentions a significant improvement — some of which dare to claim to be as economical as the regular iPhone 12. But yes, the difference is almost Rp3 million, with memory capacity that is twice as large. It could be a more practical alternative so that you do not need to absolutely bring a powerbank.

Thank you to the ekaceluller who has lent this unit so that we can review. 

Due to dimension limitations, the iPhone 12 mini was forced to sacrifice battery life, although other features felt quite perfect.

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