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Smartphone reviews, Nokia XR20 2021

 say hello to the nokia xr20 quite a bland unassuming name but don't be fooled because the nokia xr20 is one tough imagine if jason momoa and vin diesel were somehow able to procreate well the nokia xr20 would be the smartphone equivalent of that impossible child and when the nokia xr20 hits the uk it'll cost you 399 quid sim free so that means it's going to be competing with likes the pixel 4a the oneplus nord 2 and that poco f3 undoubtedly some very strong smartphones as far as the spec score but put them side by side with the nokia xr20 and frankly they look like utter and also the phones manufacturers hmd global will apparently plant 50 new trees for every nokia xr20 that is sold you see google nurturing some plant life every time someone buys a pixel or maybe one plus growing a bit of shrubbery action every time someone bags one of their phones i don't bloody think so anyway it's time for me to shut my mouth and whip out my xr20 and see what it's capable of and for more than that it's a great step please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers.

 so first up let's see what you've actually got bundled in the box along with the nokia xr20 and as you can see there there is a pad of chau unfortunately that is because nokia is on that environmental drive so you will have to provide your own and that means that all you get in this little box is a bit usb cable action a voila and then you do also get several uh manuals all for basically every language under the sun so those 53 should just about cover that off and that's it for the actual box there's no case or cover or anything bundled in there as well but.

Nokia XR20 review: Design

 that is because the xr20 is tougher than a week old gammon and i'll tell you what this nokia blower is quite the chunky monkey as well as you can see there and it's got quite the heft to it as well at 248 grams one of the heaviest smartphones i've handled of all time i think never mind in 2021 this is the ultra blue model it's certainly a very dark blue that's for sure but you can also pick up the xr20 in a granite color which is basically a dark grey over on the right side you appear to have an edge mounted fingerprint sensor as well as the volume rocker as well while on the other edge you've got the inevitable dedicated google assistant button and there's also a mysterious red button up top which i'll definitely be investigating later that is also where you'll find the sim tray down below you got your type c usb port you've got a headphone jack hip hip hooray it's got space for lanyard as well although you don't get one bundled with the nokia xr20 you'll have to spunk up a bit more cash for that it's good to see there's no nokia brandon on a big fat lip down below as well which is definitely a convention i'd be happy to uh to die in the dirt you want to get a nice subtle bit of nokia brandon here on this edge and of course around back naturally right so exactly how proper hard is the nokia xr20 well this beefcake sports a 3d nano textured rear end and meanwhile up front you've got a drop resistant gorilla glass victus display which hopefully will prove scratch resistant too the phone is past military standard it's 10h testing so against five falls of almost two meters as well as extreme temperatures and humidity and all that guff while the ip68 water resistance means you can basically just chuck it in a swimming pool just for a bit of a laugh all right.

Nokia XR20  Unboxing & Full Tour
Tech Spurt

 so i've come outside to do a drop test with the nokia xr 20 because it seems kind of silly to do in a box and one of the toughest smartphones in 2021 without at least doing that and in case you're wondering yes this is actually the very last shot that i'm shooting for this unboxing video just in case it goes wrong and this thing ends up in uh basically a pile of glass and ash okay so here we go action stance and yeah it survived absolutely fine couple of little scuffs around the corners uh just on this front edge bit nothing too bad at all as we'll give it a couple more just to be sure yep still fully functioning never had any doubts let's crack open that sim tray as well see what we're working with and what you have here is ps42 sim cards otherwise that second sim slot can be used to slap in a micro sd memory card to expand the storage all right and then hopefully got some gas in the tank yes we do so let's get the nokia xr20 all powered up and take you on a proper full-on tour oh yes i was hoping it would do that all right.

Nokia XR20 review: Android and  features 

 the nokia xl20 is all set up and ready to rock what you got on here is the latest freshest android 11 in a lovely pleasingly stock android form as well very little tinkering by hmd global one of the only additions by hmd is a bit of fierce unlock support uh to back up that edge mounted fingerprint sensor seems reasonably sort of quick and responsive boom and so forth no real issues with that edge mounted fingerprint sensor either nice and nippy i do love that noise as well bit addicted to that very satisfying and not only is the nokia x420 commendable because that stock android vibe but also hmd global is offered three full years of os updates and four years of security updates for this bad boy which is pretty much unheard of that's even better than one pluses offer for the oneplus note 2. here in blighty and in select other regions as well you'll also get an extended warranty for the nokia xr20 three years instead of just the standard two and if you have to bust that display within the first year of purchasing the xr20 while hmd will replace it for free between all that and the tree thing i'm starting to really like them now of course hmd has added in that dedicated google assistant button so quick prod of that at any point and up it pops and as usual that is pretty pointless because you've got not only a dedicated assistant icon that you can tap at any point to bring up the google assistant you've also got the google search bar which again you can just tap this and it brings up the google search you can also drag from one of the bottom corners to call up the voice assistant as well although this seems to be slightly clunky here on the nokia x420 take several goals before you actually manage to get it to bloody work there you go as for that mystery red button up top well apparently this is a customizable emergency button to give that a quick tap and unlike the google assistant key as you can see there this is fully customizable and there's actually quite a lot of features you can assign to either a short or a long press as you can see there lots of stuff to choose between including the ability to launch a specific application and i guess it's called the emergency key because you can have it set to dial your emergency contacts uh if you want to as well which of course you can set up again via this app so if for instance you give this phone to an elderly relative or someone who might need assistance at some point you can just set that up so it's got your details in or someone else who's close by and then if they do have a bit of a tumble or something just tap that button and then they've got help coming on its way let's check out some of the specs in a bit more closer detail so first of all the storage you get a choice of either 64 or 128 gigs as you can see this is the maxed out model and of course expandable via microsd as well up to a further 512 gigs and yeah all the other features that you would hope for and expect at this 400 pound mid-range price point all present and correct including a good bit of nfc support for your contactless payments.

Nokia XR20 review: Display and audio

 now moving on to the nokia xr 20's mammoth 6.67 inch ips display which seems even bigger thanks to those big fat mama jammer bezels surrounding it in all directions you've also got a minor selfie orifice cut out just in the central position there it intrudes slightly on your videos or your games or whatever when you do go full screen but not to a hideous amount it's a full hd plus resolution so images are still reasonably crisp despite the fact it's quite a gargantuan panel color reproduction is fine not particularly vibrant but not faded or saturated or anything either you've got very minor controls in the display settings sadly no hdr support here for streaming content in the likes of netflix but the viewing angles are absolutely fine and the brightness levels on those top settings won't exactly dazzle you but hopefully should be fine for a bit of outdoor use as you can see if you dive into the settings menus not particularly sharp contrast at all those blacks actually look more like a sort of a faded gray and you'll also supply that there's no way of changing the refresh rate that's because it's stuck at 60 hertz there's no 90 hertz or 120 hertz option here on the nokia xl20 which is something that a lot of rivals do offer even ones with oled panels so if you're after very slick visuals at this sort of price point i would point you in the direction of something like the pixel 4 or the oneplus nord 2 instead and the nokia xr20 does also boast a stereo speaker setup so let's bump up the volume see what we got m3 pro is certainly nothing special design wise although i do like the smart and simple aesthetics around the back at least the obligatory branded so yeah i'm not too bad at all slightly tiny once you get into those sort of top volumes and it's not exactly going to burst your eardrums or anything like that but we should be absolutely fine just for kicking back with some baldy [ __ ] on youtube a bit of video action on the sly and of course you do have that headphone jack action if you want to get plugged in and you've got bluetooth 5.1 support if you want to go wireless now running the show here.

Nokia XR20  Unboxing & Full Tour
Tech Spurt

Nokia XR20 review: Performance and battery life

on the nokia xr20 is the qualcomm snapdragon 480 chipset now that is typically found on budget smartphones about half the price or even cheaper than that uh compared with the nokia xr20 and i have found on most of those phones that the performance is kind of limited uh but not terrible by any means it can certainly do all the stuff you'd want to do in your everyday existence you know bit social medias web browser and all that stuff absolutely no problem just had the occasional little grievance like sometimes it would take a while to load up the camera app especially if you had a few other apps running at the same time but touchwood because you've got a please in the stock version of android hopefully things will run nice and smooth here on the nokia xl20 the geekbench scores on perfectly respectable although again at this sort of price point you can find much better performance from the likes of the oneplus notes 2 for instance which scored closer to 800 single core and 2400 multi-core and just for comparison purposes some of the other smartphones that use this 480 chipset or the likes of the motorola moto g50 the oppo a74 5g so definitely considerably cheaper let's see around half the price of this one so definitely no real complaints so far and i am definitely expecting to be able to do a bit light gaming at the very least on this bad boy as well so let's just boot up a bit of call of duty see how this goes yeah the good news is the call of duty mobile played absolutely fine on the higher detail settings as well nice and smooth a couple of tiny little jutters here and there but certainly nothing game breaking uh still perfectly competitive or at least it would have been if i didn't suck donkey at basically all games and the snapdragon 480 chipset does have a built-in 5g modem as well so like most smartphones these days to be faded off for 5g support here on the nokia xr20.

Nokia XR20  Unboxing & Full Tour
Tech Spurt

 as for the battery tech it's a 4 630 milliamp cell crammed into the nokia xl 20s pretty chunky chassis to be fair and that should happily give you all deer play no worries whatsoever this uh battery meter is barely ticked down at all despite the fact that i've been streaming video on netflix and disney plus i've been playing a good bit of call of duty and stuff because uh the snapdragon 480 chipset is nice and energy efficient you've also got of course that stock version of android nor heavy launchers sat on top sapping the battery there well you do finally manage to drain the xr20 well it's 18 watts fast charge and not particularly fast at all at this sort of price point likes the oneplus nords 2 will power up a lot quicker shall we say but where the nokia xl20 does make up for that is the fact that it's got support for 15 watt qi wireless charging which means that you can actually just stick it on a wireless charging pad don't have to stick in the old type c usb cable and it will power back up again and that's a feature that's very rare to find at this sort of price point.

Nokia XR20 review: Cameras

 now let's finish with a squint at the nokia xl20s rear camera tech what you got here is a 48 megapixel primary sensor is once again a zeiss branded setup of course backed up by a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and you've even got a dual flash setup around the back there as well so sorted for your nighttime shots i'm assuming that you can use that as a torch as well oh yeah yep you sure can  me okay that was super super dumb you could also change how crazy strong that torch beam is and there's even an uh an sos feature which will have it flashing in a good old morse code amazing but anyway back to the camera tech which was uh what i was talking about originally and as i said it's 48 megapixel primary sensor actually shoots in 12 megapixel uh by default using quad pixel binom just as a quick simple idea of how good those nokia xr20 optics are here's a few test sample shots i took around the homestead and seems to be sort of natural-ish color reproduction some nice fine detail as well you don't want to be pushing the nokia xr20 with two testing conditions such as really strong sharp contrast but apart from that should be absolutely fine for your everyday picks you can also quickly and easily swap to that 13 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter with the top legs so as you can see not exactly the fastest swapping between them again that's a bit of 480 action there for you and there's also a two times zoom mode but it's just digital zoom of course as you can see there you do get little suggestions popping up courtesy of the camera ai which just tells you to swap to a different board so for instance you could be a portrait action if you're shooting a living subject not that veronica is living sadly and this gives you a whole bunch of filters and the usual stuff that you can play around with as well all kinds of different uh background bokeh style action zeiss smooth zeiss swirl a bit of heart and star action you've also got a dedicated night mode for those low light shots this will just take lots of different snaps at different apertures and then meld them together for hopefully attractive results and if you jump on into the mall section that's where you'll find the likes the pro manual controls as well if you want to play around with likes the iso levels the shutter speeds use this mode to shoot in raw if you want to edit on the fly unfortunately there's no support certainly not at launch for 4k video capture here on the nokia xr20 again that's probably a limitation of the snapdragon 480 chipset uh but what you can do is shoot full hd video with a good bit of surround sound also audio support as well and it's good to see that uh nokia's once again brought back the cinema mode so this just allows you to shoot 21 by 9 aspect ratio of footage so you've got that nice cinema screen style effect you've got a lot of filters you can play around with to change up the look and feel of the shots with noise reduction lots of different features that you can play around with there's an itch log format option if you want a bit of hdr support as well and video stabilization and of course not forgetting that eight megapixel front facing selfie camera as well so let's swap to that and you should be yeah absolutely fine few sort of basic bog standard selfies actually looks like skin tones are reasonably accurate uh decent contrast and everything just from a quick squint at that they do have uh support for the old portrait mode and everything as well if you want to just blur out the background make it all about that face so that right there.

Nokia XR20  Unboxing & Full Tour
Tech Spurt

 in a nutshell is the nokia xr20 and as you can see limited in a couple of regions the performance definitely isn't as strong as a lot of rivals and that display texts are the sits and the shadows are the likes of the oneplus nord 2 the google pixel 4a poco f3 etc but if you're after a stock android smartphone that boasts incredible durability then the nokia xl20 is definitely well worth a squint because this is one tough nut and it should suit most everyday users down to the ground despite the fact that performance isn't as good as many rivals you should still be able to do everything you need to with only the occasional little stumbling jutter here and there battery life should be spot on and it's great to see uh features like that cheap wireless charging on there as well which you generally do not get this sort of price point so that's what i think of the nokia xr20 what do you guys recommend to your thoughts down in the comments below please do post subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week cheers everyone love.

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