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Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G (NE) Unboxing and Reviews

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G New Edition So-in 2021 so far, we've already had the xiaomi 11 lite 5G, which boosted the performance. Although both were somewhat overshadowed by absolutely stunning handsets, like the Paco F3, but now xiaomi is back baby with the somewhat quickly titled. Xiaomi, 11 lite 5 G. Where any stands for nipple ejaculation, or possibly new addition. One of the two definitely just take your pick. What you've got. Here is a fresh super slim design and once again, 

Unboxing Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G (NE)
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Upgraded performance to cope with anything. Check it it but is the xiaomi 11 lite 5G? Any actually, any goes and got done that name just gets worse, the more, you see it. Well, let's whip it on out of the box. Ticking a full-on to all that hardware and software and for more on the latest and greatest Tech based in Prague subscribe, and thing that notifications about all cheers. So what have you got in here besides that 11 lite 5G and a well, you have one reasonably chunky, adapter, good bit of Uzbek action. You've got Row, 1 USB type-c. .5. Mil headphone adapter, which means of course. Bugger-all headphone jack on the xiaomi, love and lite 5G any and some bits to keep your shining. You xiaomi blower safe from harm, including a screen protector and also your favorite and mine a condom case. And they have it. That's everything that you'll find in the box. Now, first impressions of the xiaomi 11lite 5G. Any definitely already loving this thing. They were not going about when they said is well the slimmest smartphones around. It is super skinny. That film is just six points. 

It's into a meters thick. And thankfully, the camera shots. He doesn't get very far at all from the surface as well to retain that slender appeal. And this thing and you're skinny. It's super light as well. It just 158 grams is very impressive. Indeed, considering this is a six point five five inch smartphone and I really love that back. End design as well. You can grab this any model in bubble gum blue peach, pink truffle, black, or snowflake white. And of course, I got white as I am at delicate Little Snowflake. I couldn't - I mean, He's always entertain impress blood. This white model resembles a frosted glass surface flecked with Shimmer and snowflakes. I mean, I'm not really sure that. That's what leaps to mind when I say this back-end by do rather like the the patterned surface in and something a bit different, isn't it? Of course, I can also 100% get why people would really take against this design. It's certainly not for all tastes and also a chamois specs weren't specific. But the back end and the engine both appear to be made from plastic though. I'm fine. You do have a good. 

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G Gorilla Glass 4
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Gorilla Glass, 4 wives, obviously proved ice and scratch resistant. And you don't want screen protector bundled in the box and in the Centre, we've got space for two sims at once. Otherwise that second Sim slot can be used for micro SD memory card, to expand the storage. Okay. So xiaomi 11 lite 5G, any all set up and ready for action and I won't spend too long hop and on about the software side of things because once again, like with all recent Chamois smartphones is Android 11 with MIUI 12 smothering that more for and changing it up quite a bit early. In its latest version of me. MIUI 12 , you've got the apps tray on there. You got the Google discover feed, all the source table, Android stuff and then you'll find loads of extra me. Why bonus bits stuck on top of that just to help you get the most from your smartphone quite long and more actually pretty damn good fully customize the always on display for instance and also the notifications age lighten effect that pops up whenever something like a message lands on your phone. I'm quite like in the Starlight one. Actually that's rather trippy and the xiaomi 11 lite 5G. Any seems to use the same. 

Excellent Edge, mounted fingerprint sensor as that eleventy pro model, which I just unboxed. It's actually built into that. Incredibly narrow power button, but seems very very responsive, very quick to work, and you do have the usual Fierce and lock Shenanigans as well. Which again, super responsive does seem to work even when you're wearing face. Masks. Also, probably not the most secure around. Shall we say, you don't download shed loads of apps and music, and movies and all that good stuff for you got 128 or 256, gigs of storage here on the xiaomi 11 lite 5G. G and E, and that is expandable via MicroSD as mentioned before. So don't worry too much about bumping up your budget to that 256 gig model can always check a little extra storage in there. Later on. If you find you need it. Now. Chamois. Certainly hasn't skipped when it comes to the display, take on the 11 lite 5G, any because that's 6.5 inch AMOLED panel, certainly an absolute stunner. You stand at full HD Plus resolution 2400 by 1080. So we pretty crisp visuals. Despite the fact, it is a spacious panel, but impressively you've also got it. 

Fuel 10 plus and Dolby Vision. It's just even support here on the 5 G ND, some really tend to only find on really premium smartphones and clean. Xiaomi Zone, 11 T Pro, so biology Dolby, Vision show Netflix, for instance. He tripped and beautifully, gorgeously natural visuals, really sharp contrast and really lifelike accurate colors to those, are we selfie cam orifice, that slightly intrudes on the action when you go full screen, but Lisa's tucked away in a corner. That's definitely the way. I like. It. Puzzles aren't too chunky, but mice wide viewing angles and a lot top brightness. You'll have no problem with Outdoors visibility because you do get quite Vivid output unsurprisingly on the default. Vivid boards, but you can go into the display settings and tinkering with the color output. So you can get for, this is gonna be an srgb action on the go from the do some photo editing. This is also where you can Tinker with the refresh rate as well, as you can see. It's a 60 hertz by default become bump up to 90 hurts. If you want more, silky smooth experience, not it for you supported apps. Now, you got a stereo speaker setup here on the xiaomi 11, like 5G. Any, I've got two stops in the name of this bloody things. It takes half an hour. So let's wrap up that volume. So it was only Goods. 

MIUI 12.5
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First find you review and for more on the latest aggressively simple. Subscribe and thing that notifications belt J is a kiss was actually a reasonably. Well balanced stereo speaker output here on the xiaomi alert here on this phone. Yeah, off to bits. Usually the bottom speaker that pulls the weights, but I've got to say, I'm at top volume. Not very loud, unfortunately. So if you're trying to watch some bold to us on YouTube, for instance, in a fairly noisy environment, chances are you're not going to hear every golden worth coming out of those lips. Likewise the clarity in particularly fantastic either. On this thing, so I'm is mmm, and yeah, as I mentioned before nor headphone jack on this thing, so unfortunately, you can have to remember to carry the dongle thing about with you. I'm just going to instantly forget or lose that, which means it's Bluetooth, 5.2 stream and all the way. Now, let's take a shift at the performance and the xiaomi 11 like five D and E is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon. 778. G chip said, as also found in some songs, we sing Galaxy if 52 s5g. So many great names smartphones recently and also more rulers model Edge. 

Letting some he's giving you a choice of six or eight gigs of RAM with this model. This is the best six gig model and as you can see, they're pretty strong scores and that will geekbench. Of course. I will be thoroughly. Testing the performance of the 11 lite5G, any for my in-depth review, but for now, let's just test it with a good bit. Again chin impacts. If we can handle this resource Goblin game and of course, as usual, you've got the excellent game Turbo feature on board, which just helps you to block notifications Channel, all of your phone's resources, into whatever, tell your play. In change up your voice. If you're a bit weird, and yeah, it does take a little bit of getting used to. It's not the most intuitive of men you shall. We say some of these symbols don't really mean anything at all until you sort of learn what they actually do. But stuffy great to have sounded good better game in action on again, chin impact, and I got to say almost medium detail settings. I did notice the action got a little bit jittery suddenly when you got several furry turds all attacking you at the same time things got a little bit hectic and that frame. It definitely suffers. So something, not quite as smooth a gaming experience. 

gaming experience
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As I found, I had on the likes, the sums and Galaxy a 52 s5g which rocks the same Qualcomm platform define occasionally. The screen wasn't quite as responsive as I would have liked as well. Sometimes it took a couple of TAPS to swap character, for instance. But apart from that, not too bad. You don't 240, hertz. Touch some glands or at least when you're swiping about tends to be pretty responsive there. But of course, I was with, you know, your movies or TV shows and all others visuals are nice and sharp and really Punchy as well. So really enjoyed that. And yeah, I feel that selfie or first thing. Gasol wedged into a corner, so I didn't find that intruded on the action but one of course, spend a lot more time with the 11 lite5G. Any ahead of my in-depth review to see if they'd given performance or Smooths over once it had a bit of time to sort of settle in and everything. Well, the benefits of that Snapdragon 778 do chipset is the fact that it's got built-in 5G support? You got across both of those Sim slots and I have fun. It's a pretty energy efficient platform as well. I got fantastic battery life out of bought the Samsung Galaxy 52 us 5D and that mortal age 20. 

I was also expecting the same from the xiaomi 11 lite 5G, any with its 4,250 milliamp battery. You got support for 33, What fast charging as well? But as I say, stay tuned for my in-depth review. When I actually get my sim slots in this thing. For all you need to know about the battery life side of things. Now, it sends by turning our attention to the camera Tech and what we've got here is a triple n setup headed up by 64 megapixel primary sensor. And as always, if you've used the xiaomi small form before, you'll know exactly what to expect from the camera app got

All the usual features. For to Overlord does often produce quite sickly sweet, artificial colors. So I always leave that knocked off. You got likes that portrait mode. If you want to add a nice little pocket style bit of blur into your background, good all nine modes or when you're trying to shoot in the dark. You've got sixty four megapixel more if you want to shoot of that maximum resolution. Otherwise, it is 16 megapixel photos that you will get lots of other stuff. I can't be bothered to list being just see it there. Basically, if you try to shoot something that's absolutely massive or get a more, dramatic viewing angle. Then you can always swap to the it make Pixel, Ultra, wide-angle, Maas, and the third lens on. Here's a 5 megapixel, tell a macron shooter. If you want to get really, really up close and personal with your subject. And as always, I'm hoping to give at this camera, take a thorough going-over for my in-depth review of the 11 lite 5G any. But for now, here's just a few sample shots that I snapped about the homestead in my first few hours with the device under video front. Well, it's very straightforward. You can shoot full HD footage at 30, or 60 frames per second. Always bump up to four, kick Beyond limits to 30 FPS. 

And then last up, if you are a fan of taking photos of yourself, there is a 20 megapixels of issues up front on this. Xiaomi Smartphone so far. This also seems perfectly capable. You've got the usual portrait mode, smarts, and all that good stuff. So again, I'll be thoroughly tested that out with my mug. So that right there in a nutshell, is the fresh new. Xiaomi 11 lite 5G. Any, I think I'm just about getting used to that name after several hours of seeing this team. Although I'm really glad that shall we drop the me bit and its name and conventions as well. Always the xiaomi Mi 11 lite5 G and E. Just just know so far. Seems like a pretty tiny little smartphones and decent specs on their, the only you're smart. Not too hot. Unfortunately, with the lack of a headphone jack and a stereo speaker output isn't exactly mind-shattering and the gaming chops weren't as strong as some Bibles. Like the galaxies are 52, us 5G little bit juddery, but I will be thoroughly testing enough for my in-depth review is open. I camera Tech is a winner and sadly the display is absolutely stunning. That Dolby Vision support suddenly on a more affordable. 

Transit stuffing fantastic to see if you can't get enough of me jabbering. All about fawns or xiaomi handsets in general deathly go check out my unboxing and hands on review of the xiaomi eleventy poor Jesus Christ. His name's that's live right now is wrong. I've reviewed God knows how many Chamois smartphones already this year, kind of lost track of all of that. But anyway, I'm gonna have a bit of a lie down now, so I'm is also fantastic. Arrest the week. Please do boxes from doing that notifications. 

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