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Vivo iQOO Z3 REVIEW and SPECIFICATIONS (Oktober 2021)

Vivo iQOO Z3-I got another budget for you guys and we're gonna review. This is a new one by Vivo. This one is called Vivo iQOO Z3 . And the cost of this one is around, like $250 or $300. It's like where you buy from the cheapest. Place that I found this phone actually was on the AliExpress that you can pick up from other websites. They ask me more money. And this one has pretty good specs for the price range, but the bad thing about this phone is Doesn't have AMOLED display, Kyle CV and for chipsets got pretty good ships that for a budget phone sky like Snapdragon 768. So performance going to be pretty good, and this one has a hundred twenty Percy. Pressuring. So what we're gonna do today because we will be doing the unboxing of this. But before we do that, please make sure you smash that subscribe button. There's a little bit of the borrow. Make sure you press that same time. Making this video is going to get a reminder before beginning photo to this video. Let's go unbox this so you guys can see it close up. This video is Party by Stone Masters. Your cables and you get a 55 watt, supercharged pretty heavy.

The 64 and P. And what I like about it does not have a big pump for a camera and you gotta on display fingerprint scanner right there and you got your volume rockers. If you guys can see, it's got a little curve in the back, but the phone is very, very light for having a 4400 milliamp battery and you had a flat display. Obviously, not going to get a full display because they cut off is right there. And it says right here, Ike, you see the design of this is just like every other Vivo iQOO Z3  design. They're all look the same. And one thing that surprised me on this phone guys, you get a headphone jack. You must love the Alice, try the case.


Okay. The case, honestly, when you put it on, it feels like it's actually protecting the phone. It's not like those cheap ones. So if you guys can see, you can even see the camera. Now. Let's see the front and you got four bumps on each corner. So if you drop it, you're good to go. So, if you go like that, you're good. Even if I drop it like this, I think I should be good, too. One thing I really like about this phone guys is how light it is really light and it's not thick as some other phones object and the camera set up on this phone. It's kind of 64 main MP camera and the camera setup is like, every Vivo iQOO Z3 set out that that's what I don't like about the camera stuff. It's just like, you know, you should choose the camera set up at least something else. It just looks like every camera setup object and I will see you guys want to know the specs at this phone comes with. I do myself too. So, let's go check out the specs.

Vivo iQOO Z3 Full phone specifications

Body: 164.0x75.3x8.5mm, 186g; Panda Glass on the front, plastic back and frame.

Display: 6.58" IPS LCD, HDR10, 120Hz, 1080x2408px resolution, 20.07:9 aspect ratio, 401ppi.

Chipset: Qualcomm SDM768 Snapdragon 768G 5G (7 nm): Octa-core (1x2.8 GHz Kryo 475 Prime & 1x2.4 GHz Kryo 475 Gold & 6x1.8 GHz Kryo 475 Silver); Adreno 620.

Memory: 128GB 6GB RAM, 128GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 12GB RAM; UFS 2.2; microSDXC (uses shared SIM slot).

OS/Software: Android 11, Funtouch 11.1 (International), OriginOS 1.0 for iQOO (China).

Rear camera: Wide (main): 64 MP, f/1.8, 26mm, 1/1.97", 0.7µm, PDAF; Ultra wide angle: 8 MP, f/2.2, 120˚, 16mm, 1/4.0", 1.12µm; Macro: 2 MP, f/2.4.

Front camera: 16 MP, f/2.0, (wide).

Video capture: Rear camera: 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60fps, gyro-EIS; Front camera: 1080p@30fps.

Battery: 4400mAh; Fast charging 55W.

Misc: Fingerprint reader (side-mounted); 3.5mm jack. 


This box displaying cut, six point, five eight. Ten, eighty times. 2408 LCD HD are ten. Hundred twenty Hertz. Refresh rate or platform. You got. Android 11. Origin o OS for IQ. 1.0 Quantum, Snapdragon. 768 quad core tight Reno. 624 memory. You can get this 128 gigabyte, six gigabyte hundred twenty eight gigabytes 8, gigabyte. 250. Six gigabytes. 8 gigabytes for main camera for the rear, you got 64 M, PS 1.8 26 millimeter wide 8. + P, 16 millimeter ultra-wide to MP F 2.4, Mike Rowe. And this phone can record. 4K 3064 front selfie camera. I got 16 MP F 2.0. Why can record 1080p 30 for Barry? Got four thousand four hundred million fast charge of 55 Watts.


From you, got fingerprints, side mount and face unlocked and the phone for colors comes black, blue silver. And one thing I really like about phones that have the site fingerprint scanner because I really don't like on display fingerprint scanner because every time you have to touch your display to unlock the phone and you have to wipe it out there because he gets dirty a lot. And this phone comes with based on lock as those two and they both are quite fast. Let's go look at them.

And you have a hundred twenty hurting first date on this phone. So what does that mean guys? That means good for gaming nice and good performance. And if you are browsing through the internet, it's going to be fast and smooth. Let me show you guys the hundred twenty Hertz refresh rate on this form because cacica hundred twenty Hertz. Refresh rate. Let me go to it. So you got smarts which 60 90 120. So let's try the First, as 120. They're going to try 90. You know, I try 60.

I'm going to try Smart Switch.

 So, smart switch means like every app. So you just get the normal Quick Settings, like your Wi-Fi, your data airplane, mode, your, a brightness, level your volume, and Etc. Nephrite. Nothing. We're gonna go to main settings. It's come all the way down. So you got your Airplane Mode. You got your mobile networks. Go here. You got your 5G data storage and evil fancourt at the connections PP and private int Bluetooth, Vivo iQOO Z3  share for nearing printing, multiple screen. OTG, then you got your our notifications so you can go through here and customize it. The way that suits you home screen and lock. And wallpapers. She got some of the wallpapers. I will see guys, one of the best phones at the best wallpapers. So far. I think it is Vivo iQOO Z3  because we will has some of the nicest wallpapers. So you can go through these and choose the one that you like sounds.


Is phone case, pretty bright for LCD, display screen colors? So you can have a standard professional or bright? I usually leave it on, bright, refresh rate and that's that and accounts. And that's pretty much it for setting the Box. Guys. If you guys can see get a lot of Chinese apps. Let me go left like to show you guys, you all these like, personally, these ones you're not going to use them because you're not getting my understand what they are. The only thing you can do all the like this, go to delete on a stock. That's how easy it is. I like that.

Install them because they just experienced in your phone and they just there for nothing. This phone does not come with Google Play store to get the Google Play Store on this phone. It is kind of tricky. You go to the App Store you go to V app, download Google Chrome. Once you download Google Chrome, you download APK, Google Play Store, and that's it. Once you download that. There's your Google Play Store. And one thing I forgot to mention to you guys, obviously out there, they don't really make headphone Jacks for pose anymore. And this phone has a headphone jack. So people that like headphone jack, this one. It's got one for me. I like camel is this place because they are bright and I have beautiful colors. You have an AMOLED display to jump to an LCD display. It's going to be kind of hard. So if you used to have an AMOLED display and jump into an LCD display, you will definitely know the difference. And this one does have an LCD display.


With all that money that you're paying for this phone even budget forms and all these days. Like, the real me Neo has a AMOLED display. You go IQ. New York has an AMOLED display for on the same prices. I don't know why. This is not put one on this phone. This phone has a six point five, eight inch display. It is 1080 times 24, or for something like this up. Let's go. Look at the display. So you guys can see how this LCD display. Looks like a bright as they get and how long does it get? Myself. I really want to know what's the score on this form in geekbench. So let's go do a geek when score on it.

 Hi, this is going to be a quick walkthrough of getting a project up and running.

 Should be pretty good performance. Not the best should be okay, and he got a hundred, twenty Hertz refreshing. So, for gaming should be pretty good. So, let's go do a gaming test on this phone. So you guys can see the gaming performance.

 Any budget phone has the same camera set up the same camera settings. This phone has got a 64 MP main camera and I think your record up to 4K and concert a video stabilizer. Things comes with a study and Ultra study. Let me show you guys the camera setting in this box. Then I'm gonna go take some pictures and videos for you guys. So you can still see the pictures of videos. This context, you got your night because your portrait So you can go to styles. King. Go to face beauty in all the way up or less and you got your bouquet. Then you got your photo. You got your Ultra wide, see how you guys, really? Why? Look at that guy's. One time. To time. As to time. Let's go see how much does it have tenta. Let's see if you can see my dog set. Yeah. There it is. You got your flash HD Rai and you got your micro. Let's see how good it is. I can see the bug inside. Look at that. Guy's amazing. Very nice micro on the spot school video for video. Same thing. You got the ultra wide.


One time, two times, two times. Face beauty, you can adjust your nose, your buffing, and whitening your filters. And you got a video stabilizer and he's got standard stabilizer Ultra stabilizer or you can turn that off split an outro. Wait, if it's look at that. Well here. Let's see what we can record as so you got 4K then fling great. It is 60. That's Max for more. You got a 64 and PR that An aroma like Photo slow-motion time-lapse promo are stickers, Jovi Vision Toc and that's pretty much it now 440. So imagine if you want to take five pictures six pictures at the same time. Let's see if he has any delay. It does have a delay between guys. Look at that. This, hold it down. Oh, wow. I just took 20 pictures less than a second. I love these forms that do that. They should put that on every phone.

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